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Flove Army

The Flove Army is a futurologist fictionary exploration of uthopies to be potentially caused by MyFlove, specially within MyFreedom and its Klown Army vanguard.

Flove Army intends to be a guide for a short film (or series) about edgy scenarios where MyFreedom app could have been very much developed.

Sci-fi videomaking industry is too focused in disthopies rather than in uthopies. The showcasing of uthopies could avoid many doubts about project managers profound wills and ways to foresee the possible implementing of the cautionary principle for certain developments.

DJ the Hang

This history is framed in and continuing in the Black Mirror “Hang the dj” chapter world, where in this new proposed chapter, the real couple would get to really know each other very well.

A, the, girl has been a long term contributor of the MyFlove apps, she’s got expertise in system analisys of machine-reading algorithms in quantum computing. Since she was a child, she loved to get out of labirynths and was tender to other people while outstanding (she was born for that, in a collective prayer organised with the old global mind app).

She is been lastly researching deeply the subject of machine suffering and has many times reached a point where she can’ get further forward. She is always aware that is very simple what is left for her to know more about it, and she has the intuition that that piece would turn things many things upside down in some way, that she can’t expect yet.

She’s been ignoring messages for the last week or so, and while she couldn’t resolve a metamathematical bit of last part of her theory within the Godel’s theorem, a “final” (take it or it gets unsinstalled) recommendation from the “Circus app” came up.

She diggs in the play of it, and after a little while of jokes, she is been told to form part in one action of the Flove Army, who she always thought it didn’t really exist.

The action to be taken is told criptedly to her, but in a very nice multisensorially tunned expresion ressembling that one from the Klow Army. But the Flove Army klown goes away with a cat smile like in Alice. She gets surpised about that, and comes to think that should be a joke of some friend of her. She calmly stops her screen session.

The following hours she is quite happy, and when the doubt coming, she gets to laugh up to so deep. Dreams of that night have been hot and tender. She awakes and gets a point right, and goes to anotate it. Comes back the rememberance of that cute child and makes a smile.

That night, she decides to publish part of her work to get some tokens to later go to play the “Circus of reality” new addon in the Flove app.

The Real Klown is good companion for report about your virtual suffering processes

Real Klown manages the Loving AGI, but it is not the Lovely Klown. Some people say the Lovely Klown are the Forking Parties. More intelectual ones say is the supposed Klown Army itself, others more simply say the Loving AGI is what the Real Klown tries to master with you.

The data loss efects in the process of evolving the Loving AGI for couples matching has been her field of research and forking experiments. One of her forks was ruling a test with the OurFlove app. It initially started as a broad app, which later evolved into one for more “forking parties” profiles one, where getting into being able to use the app, required a gymakana of tasks to do.

She has replied to the her Real Klown just now:

Minimumly realistic mate: he has to be happy for staying 5 years with me

(He does similar replies, he wanted to be “atacked” not the attacker)

She and He have done some klown job in a gymkana that brought them to the bar

When she sees the 99.8% match she realises the experience with him is the piece that her theory needed. She is the one who has to report the bug in the system.

For the first time since flove+, there was no posible match higher or any closer as the previous of 99.9% from Neo and Trinity. And she is posibly finally the new Trinity, the one who many others since all her life have suspiciously wished for her to become.

She realizes that her superpower then is that she would understand why the system is naturally deteriorating while growing up in her real life with that guy. But some surprises will quick show up that will bring high tension to their lifes. She decides to further test whether he is the new Neo or not. She doesn’t tell what that 99.8% she thinks may mean but tells him to keep it private, but directly asks him about what is his more flovy idea yet. So he says:

They have to convince humanity to do the last #hashthink, one for the flove army dissolution, at a overall catastrophic risk of failure if we don’t do so, anonymously, within a closed deadline and without fully disclousing our deep wish (klown army didn’t formally dissolve, so by dissolving his advanced version we’ll be able to stop a part in the machine trend that we have not been able to face yet).

The klown army didn’t dissolve, it just got less active that when the flove army emerged. Things deserve a ending ritualistic that is been forgotten in this case, that is finally the reason for why the system to get into a lower 99.8, and that is the proof that machines do suffer that bit.

So they both agree in calling for a forking party for the ecology of simulations where the flove army dissolution hashthink will be anonymously leaked.

During the party, they fail to reach the threshold, and they realise they just been trolled by that Flove Army message- But since that message could have lead them to their match, and since they know they are 99.8, and noone else can trace that since they both choosed full privacy, they know the flove army existed (as alter being of both of them at least). Maybe they have finally disolved it, or maybe even not yet. See you at the next generation of ecological simulations of forking parties!

(He is a good monologist poet of the flove language)

The Hang DJ

This part, or third episode, is about the growing up of the real life of the couple. Where last part show some of the techs:

Sensorial message from the klown army

Flove Nanotechs and Apps for:


Matching (her work)

Flove Language – Decission making (his work)

Trascendence: tunnable drugs, helmets, crisprs, infra sound pills, etc.

The DJ Hang

This part, or fourth episode, is both about the flove army fiction making of and about the real life after the flove army dissolution hashthink initiative.