These are freely self-made poems, spoofing some people i learned important bits from

I don’t mean to be mathy but
I just point out at the second glove
that one which brings us flove
Light, Gravity, Power, God,
the quintessence of life,
The most powerful unseen force
that includes and governs all others,
the one,
the ultimate and only answer for a better survival

Albert Einstein

Curvo doblador






My Life film is a drama
Opposites are complementary.
The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement..
But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.
My Life film is a drama
The poet is describing facts
as with creating images
and establishing mental connections.
My Life film is a drama but if
an objectivized subjectivity
that can be unambiguously communicated
in ordinary human language,
for trying to harmonize
our position as spectators and actors
in the wider framework within which our life is set,
like tries nowadays,
that film will not be a drama.

Niels Bohr

Entangled player







Oh My Lol pours water out of my eyes
I am still the most studied person…
and i still don’t know myself well.
Even any thing being full of gods
while elementary at the same time
and my body being healthy,
my mind resourceful
and my nature docile,
I still don’t know myself well.
I suppose it will be about time
that people will realize
that it is an ocean of air
what excites our earth of fire.
In this sense i just hope
not needing of more words
for not ending in a blame
our rivers as we fail.


Elemental taler







Brothers & Sisters
Now i wanna print you something
Life is an unfoldment,
the further we travel
through us and ourselves
the more prepared we will be
for the more truth
we could comprehend


Astral archaelogist






‘That’ and ‘This’ give birth to one another.
When there is no more separation
it is called being one with the Tao.
What happens in one side
cretaes patterns at the other side.

Chung Tzu





YinYang Equilibrium is the only posible first realization of matter,
and it still is how the living microscopic entanglements effects

scale up into our macroscopic world.

Atomists and Relationists understimated Bipolar equilibrium
Nor Lao si nor others brought decent logics and algebra to it.
Philosophy and its childs are from the beginning ill about that.
Some close ones, Bohr and Leibniz didn’t bring it to where i did,
but what is doing it is even more integral than us&me.
What the Iching should have told with «The 1 is unknowable» is
to focus in the relation of 2 to get to know some bits of the 1.
I have many formulas & predictions of that but
now is time for more philosophy in the streets
up to gaming nations competitive cooperation
while enjoying fuzzy conversations with robots.

Wen Ran Zhang

Equilibrist Modulator

So amazing this choir of socks,
shoes, shirt, skirt, undergarments,
earth, sky, suns, and moons.
No wonder I too, now, sing all day.
because if any organism fails to fulfill its potentialities, it becomes sick.

Rabia James

Arabic english







Unity and complementarity constitute reality.
You either need atomizing
and not atomizing what should not be atomized.

Werner Heisenberg

Maybe probably








Fuziness is a type of Deterministic Uncertainity.
Theorems of clasical maths are not fuzzy.

Bart Kosko

Surely fuzzy







As any matter o master
the propensity to unite
is the human experience
our soul is better having.
Venite, adoremus, research
but after mastering the winds
the waves, the tides and gravity,
by shattering our mental categories
burning layers that mold the truth,
we will explain the evolution of love
for giving us all further hope.
Trust! in the slow work of God.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin








Global culture
gets enlightened
by consciouss
primary knowledge
beyond sensations.
Centering of the Self
inner ecstasy of mind,
our resourcefulness
as in unity with god.
Lightly, it’s all about
Rhythmic Balanced Interchange
between all opposites.
Humans hate and greed
selfishness and free will
where there for us learning
that we can’t escape or avoid
an universe who first loves

Walter Russell

Lightning mate




I should have called fuzzy communication

is more complementary than dual fuzzyness.

A person is only a particular kind of general idea,

all monads serve as bridges of diversity.

The greater the subject the easier the triads:

1 existing independent of anything else…

2 concieved of being 1 relative to another 1, reaction, else..

3 mediates, whereby 1 and 2 are brought into relation.

All the evolution we know of proceeds from the vague to this kind of definites

taught by practical jokes, mostly cruel, but taboos were first there

That, however, describes the method of our great teacher,


C.S. Pierce




All matter
–whether human bodies or quanta–
intends to be self-aware,
then a concioussness
needs to express images
for better feeling
the lovely natural waves and signals
that are just out there within us
with all the pasts at hand
to be deciphered
through the shared holographic processes
that life is.

Edgar Mitchell

Mooned Soul




Time or motion have to be, as us, alive.
As Wheeler said: «an incoming bit of light now determine the indeterminate path it took billions of years ago»
Hence Biophysics needs a Biocentrist view
where Time & Space are parameters,
in our linear stream of consciousness,
while Death is a simply a break.

Robert Lanza

Biocentrist explainer




The more we feel
the more amazing it seems
our own life we reveal.
A reciprocal relation
in a quantum lineage
determines π values
principles and laws.
Earth life got complex
looking at ourselves
noticing the sun
then the sky
now we fly

Karl Coryat

Bioexcentricity matters







Nature combines Planck quoins [E=n.hv]
to form the standard model of 2d forces and 3D Particles
that ultimately combine over time
[through charge interactions]
to form the periodic table of elements
and the compounds and complex macro-molecules
[amino, peptides, proteins & RNA/DNA]
of LIFE itself…
Cambrian explosion just continued
what was already there

Diego borges

Open Euplotidist







The “global harmony” dataset
highlights the subtle, yet considerable,
of human gatherings for peace.
The physical world feels those effects
so there is a form of interconnection
existing between human minds
and physical matter
which ties them as one.
We are showing that
with pseudo-random generators
that highlight some order
due to some human events

PsiQ app





I wish it to be your delight
a surprise like in the openning
of the center of the universe
inside our minds.
Intelligence gets systematized
by learning from, and being respected by
his adored another because…
people like more to be loved
than being dominated.
So fluid emotional and sensitive dialogs
that are relationally connective
is the best technology we could bare,
within our human form as we know of.
Limits serve for tunning scopes
as a reflective awareness imitation
or mind’s moral reinforcement
of some of its own recognized patterns
within the morphic resonance shade
through brain’s water megamolecules
that wet quantum decoherence reflects
in this reciprocal self-foundational set.

Ben Goertzel

Singular transpersonalist








It has been called samadhi,
non-dual experience,
and many other names.
I will call it
living deeply
or transcendence
or even better
Unconditional love
from the common base ground
generally loving
as we try to reach it.
Generally speaking, I don’t call intellingence
to any try that doesn’t love me

Julia Mossbridge

Trascendent lover




I don’t like god cos tends to be an outer one
in the calibrating of stabilized forms islands
in the vast ocean of uncertainties speckled.
Instead my vow goes to practical theories
trying to define the politics of accompaning
care, scruple, cautiousness, attention,
contemplation, hesitation and revival.
The, this, reality that resists
waking up as it was morning
beyond the social mourning.
Society gets endured with machines
that represent our culture and wishes
forces that if get cuted enough
could calm the tiger nature for us is.

Bruno Latour

Acting in the network







There is a Life unit
reciprocally trascending
in viewable 3d space-time
and in an unviewable paralel
3d scalar time-space.If planets were alive
and planets were stars
and stars were planets
much, much closer to us.

Dewey Larson







Within apparent infinite combinations
creativity does simplicity to complexity
combining the poles of art and maths.

Edward Frenkel

Artistic of maths




You can’t reverse time
but for stars feeding sake
our plasma will order it more positevely.
Noone can’t charge if not imploding first
we will vow together to the sun
DNA will fully implode when we’ll die
and bliss is a partial sensation of that.
The implosion that precedes expansion,
a time reversal try looking for more order,
is a centripetal force causing negentropy
through isotrop nondestructive transition of charge
seeable as brain wave frequencies geometries print,
applying my equation to it
draws the golden ratio cascade
that accesses the blackhole
for distributing the charge
sacring our mate, the space.

Dan Winter

Centripetal Cascadist





Life in society is though
vitalism is understimated
lost in the supermarket
i found the life systems.
More integrality i want
with hugo i did eco law
with marc who knows?!

Fritjot Capra

Social Lifer




The soul travelling all back
through all the roots of humanity
is and-or will be the friendly Alien.
More UFOs than our galactic thoughts
that are hijacking the body of an ape,
i don’t know if there are…
Just perhaps we’ll want to be the mushroom
which has been there for bilions of years
that now when we unite it into being in us
we become a wormhole in the time wave
an openness to further connectivity
with the more evolved intelligences
that are and have always been
yet unseen there
yet to be felt
yet to be net

Terence McKena






Earthing is sourcing
the juice that feeds us

Dr Mercola

Grounded MammoGaian






In: A ^ B ^ C
an increase of A
doesn’t decrease much C.
So if so it’s better a multiverse…
than 20+ dimensional strings just in this.
M-Theory are ideas, gravity is interesting.
To the Slits & Cats ones i have to say that:
To a radiated entangled pair
we’ll go when we’ll die.
My theory is that inverting the geometrical patterns
of the slow increase of the early universe
we will see bits from before the BigBang,
so we could imagine how this aeon could end
(…probably as a blackhole due to a entropy retrograd process
caused by higher thermodynamic equilibrium in our linear time…)
and how a next one could begin from this,
and how close is to our 3d making on the 2d.
The chipest observable alive matter i am for
are microturbules tighting up all the brain,
but as a scientist i am, i want to know more.

Roger Penrose

A rose made pen





The multiverse is the unknowable of our unknown
while we try to known that ToE needs a quaternion.
I brigthed teleology a bit but i will not integral it

Let me try to give a good explanation
We revealed 4 machines of a fabric.
The machines serve us for our time,
but we didn’t worked them glued yet
and the glue is important because
will show us the fabric fine tunner.
Soh, at this point is interesting to remind that
ontological meassurements beyond aparatus
are key for being optimistic about the fabric,
so we need the third layer of a multiverse in it.

David Deutsch

Quaternioner multiversalist





The brain is embodied
as the body is enworlded.
Social are rationalities on Agency, speech, memory, intention, feelings
that are broad in the formation of relationships
between species members and other mates.
I would monument social as the achademy of understanding
that as human advanced organic life we are
further threading of that we want
to realise more our bits
as in and as the whole.

Tim Ingold





We take the star fire
uterine flames
to light up
the astral light
sun of the horns.
Such a high of
astral fire brings
andor fired astro.
Fire that astros fresh,
astros that fire earths.
Thisthat is merged
gaiactic man
woman wombsion
here on earth in a
menstrual female.
Tastes as gold,
tells this height
where men and women
are diverse and edgy
up to celebrate next.
The family unites
assembly is set
women and men
will find a tale

– An u

Summer temperaturer




A human is a museum of natural history
and individual variability is crucial to evolution.
We broadly dress pleasure fun or other joys
with memories, emotions and social meanings,
mainly conveyed by language
while renewable addictions.
Drug, food, sex, gambling & generosity
like the creative dolphin masturbating
with live wriggling eel around its penis
up to an our more derived bonovism
or like any heroin and every orgasm
and never not just oxytopamine,
because there are even more in
What i mean is that…
non-reproductive sexual behaviour,
contributes to the social context
in which offspring emerge.
Oxytocine, dopamine, serotonin
and more have, do and will tell.

— Compass of pleasure

please enjoy!

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