Receive gifts to maintain and share

MyFreedom is a common or unique global Family, for managing all data and things freely given by anyone.

MyFreedom should be open to receive any kind of asset, whether is a thing, money or some hours, promising the donor the maximum profit for his-her donated thing.



    1. Asking people who want to participate: Which things do you care more about? Which ones could you moderate their use better? Do you mind to have them as owner (but promise to share or claim them back if needed)
    2. An algorithm for donating a thing and its property or time to the person or family who more and better will do public tasks with it, share it further later with others or act better in the case of having to claim back the property.
    3. Offer acknowledgements for receivers and maintainers in a flovechain.


The gifts routing algorithm could be dual (burocratic rights to owner – practical management rights to moderator). Default competition resolution can be: For the sharer, For the poorer, Care about, …,

More interestingly, there is the Relationship matching inteligence in the suggestion. Gifting yourself better when you gift: Increases the possibilities of you gifting more in the future, so the more we could direct the gifted hours to him-herself, the better. But sometimes this selfgifting is not enough, specially when you want to donate to help others, not only or specifically yourself.



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