MyFreedom is a module of MyFlove that features a common or unique global Family, formed of the collection of all data freely given by all beings, for MyFreedom developing the lovelier content recommendations for any.

As you can gift any of your data to MyFreedom, MyFreedom should also stand open to receive any kind of asset, whether is a thing, money or some hours, promising the donor the maximum profit for his-her donated thing.



  1. Asking people who want to participate: Which things do you care more about? (Which ones could you moderate the better?). We like to have things, but caring them is costing us worries. Who donates and who is open to receive a freed gift are people that care about things.
  2. An algorithm for donating a thing or time to the person or family who more and better will share it further later. Gifting yourself better when you gift increases the possibilities of you gifting more in the future i.e. Cheer up some of your lacks through helping any of your Souls high matches with commiting a task for them as suggested by a FloveBot.
  3. Offer acknowledgements in a flovechain

Crowdsourcing tasks

With everyone’s inputs, we could refine tactics of local effectivism for the personal, local and social tasks that increase pleasant living and collective intelligence in a more healthier environment.

Besides customizing and tactics of local effectivism, MyFreedom should look for originality and equity so hence fund the most unnatended and necessary possible tasks done by the less funded one. i.e. Fund with donated gifts to the most humble of all non-for-profit associations nowadays present in society that are working for positive change that know us yet the less.

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