Everybody has a potentiality to lend or gift freed their things, specially their services (hours). So as there is a more ideal receiver than another for a freed thing, there will be also some person who is more ideal than another for receiving a freed hour from someone else.

Freed things and hours are the initial actions that increase flove that we want to acknowledge. Acknowledgements serve as reputational information for increasing trusts and diminish the need for authorities. Noone should need to be part of the flovechain (get acknowledged) for donating anything freed, but if you want to be acknowledged due to do that, you should be able to.

Besides the implementation of acknowledgements of freed offers in this initial phase, we could think further in acknowledging other floves actions, and even consider those acknowledgements as reissueable (rewards, currency).

Other posible transactions to account besides the basic ones cited are:

-Any curated content and curating (curate and get rewarded like in steemit)

-Likes as tokens (1 like given to a content = 1 token from you to the publisher) (1 token = 0.x floves)

-Lending offers (the cost in $ you have saved others by lending it instead of renting it)



FloveChain floves are an incentive for anyone offering their things or hours as freed. Acknowledging offers of freed things that are quickly consumable is the easier part to model in the flovechain. Freed offers of things that have to be maintained also implies to acknowledge the maintainer a little bit.

For understanding what we mean by donating freed hours, think of favours chains, where the favour recommendation is highly customized. And if we were to further develop the acknowledgement as reward, the flovechain would be the equivalent to bring the “universal income” methodologies to an automated “universal custom jobs” environtment. 

There are some projects that, although partially, are already approaching this idea, these are:

Mannabase is a cryptocurrency that just asks a unique identifier to release periodic rewards (Universal Basic Income)

Faircoin is a communitarian cryptocurrency that you could get by making the network thrive in some needed way that is approved by some faircoop assembly.

Steemit is a cryptocurrency that you get by creating and curating content.

Singularitynet.io is a cryptocurrency for the Artificial Inteligence developers community.


We should learn from the above projects and other related ones, specifying our own standards in a particular free network. It could either be a simple user’s feed in a simple tool, but it could also be the accounting summary of certain transactions and a re-spendable token in a sidechain in a blockchain or in a more local consensus tool. The flovechain could also be featured into different blockchains that could be latter agreggated into a single feed (pegged sidechains) and-or we may even want to have specific sidechains in an own blockchain (i.e. see below flovecoin)

FloveChain value

1 Flove = 1 hour

Where for donated things we can use the equivalence with the official minimum hour value in the country where it is given, i.e.

Someone donated a freed car that i am the maintainer of it. The car has a value of 1000 $ in a country where the minimum hour is 5 $. So the donnor will get 200 floves in the chain and i am:

1.0 Enough happy because being the maintainer gives me a car user privileged position

2.0 Getting an acknowledgement that i am maintaining a +1000$ freed thing

3.0 Getting 1 flove per each hour i am lending it

Matching the ideal receiver

If you do x today, you earn x to spend on y, z or w on the day q (depending on your relations and astrologies)

Anyone should be able to see freed things available to be used and open universal tasks to be done, but with an more materialistic vocabulary adapted from Open Astro, plus the local matchings from Souls and other relational data you may give, specially data more related to your ammount of offered and wanted things, some custom oracles (see flovebot) can suggest you a more custom receiver for your things or hours.

The receivers don’t need to be users in the system, there are already many non-for-profit organisations having tasks (wanting volunteers hours) for projects that increase flove where we could direct flovechain time donors.

See more: MyFreedom

Twin tasks

As there are twin souls, there could also and more easily be twin tasks

Noone else but you will do this task better than you

Twin tasks are tasks recommended by a flovebot to people that have given it a certain ammount of his-her data. Which minimal data has (s)he had to be previously given to the flovebot to consider its suggestion as a “Twin task” is an open question that shouldn’t be too difficult to specify (See more: MyFreedom, flove army), since the task could simply have a degree of “twinness”.

Endogamic tasks

Flove(Chain) maintaining is the first universal task to achieve

Transitory tasks for maintaining and improving flovechain or the whole of flove.org are one needed minimum to be considered as a type of tasks to be acknowledged. This will be the final joint effort for both replying How to crowdsource a cryptochain or the whole of flove itself?

Authenticating commits

Who is going to certify that such oracle suggested task is finally done?

The authenticating of tasks commits may need some manual intervention, and as so, it is the first task of the endogamic tasks of the flovechain. The process of authenticating the suggested commits could be very similar to the curating of contents.

Acknowledgements as Rewards

See: FloveCoin

See also: Tokenization secures the network, WTF!