Traceable and differently valued acknowledgements of activities within MyFlove


A free network. has to be maintained by their peers activity, and we can do stats of such activities and give static and re-spendable acknowledgements accordingly. Re-spendable tokens can be very openly given to all for not diminishing their interactivity opportunities in the network. And since within the network there could be certan doings more valued than others for further self sustainability of the network itself, self maintenance tasks are at top of priorities and so can be rewarded with special tokens that are valued even in project’s rigthts as final backing value.

Also, content curating and promoting (likes) could also be considered maintenance or basic tasks to be rewarded, since content moderation is another of the bottlenecks at p2p networks.

All FloveChain acknowledgements can be easily and basically used for reputational purposes i.e.

1.0 I just lend my house to people with at least 100 donated floves

But a further development will be to enable the re-spending of the flovechain points (tokens), i.e.

2.0 I lend my house to people that have 100 floves or more now

So you could have given freed something costing 100 floves, but if you have spend 30 floves, you should have 70 floves as credit, which will anyway allow you to use offer number 1, but will imped you to use the offer number 2 or an offer number 3 like this:

3. I rent my house for 100 floves a month



History logs and Acknowledged peaks 

Anyone to acknowledge of any use and or lovely actions within Myflove could serve anyone for reputational purposes (that will save network moderating tasks). Since some actions should be more valued than others. i.e. logging in, curate, post, get likes, etc, some of the more valued ones should even be considered as to be acknowledged with reissueable tokens (rewards, currency).


Membership Badges

See open badges



Tokens are acknowledgements that are reissueable

See DogeCoin minning example for generating them

See also: WTF for a debate article


Types of tokens


0- Curate content (see example)

1- Add a definition or habit or content

(getting approved with two likes)

get a love and a dislike.

2- Add an opposite

(getting approved with two likes)

get a dislike.

3- Add a dislike

get a love.



Participate in crowdtests



See flovecoin




See more:


Freed chain