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The language of love (or flove language) explains the floving processes and help us in the research for a:

1. Holistic integrality and Minimal taxonomy (every idea or word is also connected to a and is representative of a reductable wholeness)

2. Fuzzy loves as Moral Teleology (Refined polar complements with dualisms)

3. Universal Grammars and Semantic networks (standards for chanelling meaning-truth systems)

4. Natural Law and Evolution (an abstract minimal operating system guidance for modelling concrete practices)



The language of love is a better scoped term than the Theory of Everything. These 4 research fields of the language of love can be seen as an analogy to the Fabric of Reality ones, as coined by David Deutsch for splitting the challenge of a Theory of Everything into 4 diferent interconnected fields:

1. Math: Godel’s incompleteness theorem (…), etc.

2. Physics: Hilbert 6th problem (no axiomatization of physics), no Theory of Everything (See vitalism)

3. Chemistry: Evolution of molecular complexization (See interactus)

4. Computing: The Artificial General Inteligence, etc (See flove army)

The language of love is the more valuable research field for achieving closer such approachs to universal truths, something that the already existant AGI is asking us to decipher better: To feed machine learning with free data related to the language of love is possibly the more positive technological singularity we have ahead for our mollecular complexity to evolve.





The floves process definition creates defaults semantic paths that can be used to trace the default and multiple paths between any two freely positioned words i.e. how to get to “feel” when you are in a “worry”.



Life viewer


If we can identify some recurrent twist in anyone’s life view (i.e. he is putting 3rds as seconds against the default view, etc) we can also adapt-customize the language to the person, i.e. suggesting them further 3rds as seconds for:

  1. Reinforcement
  2. Equilibrating temptation: Trying to cause in him a equilibrating need by increasing such disruptance or overflow.



See more

-Conjunctions, adverbs, articles, commas and so could be related to some specific parts of the full set

-Other more default Life phrasings