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Flove.org it’s the life long project of one mad man (marc) who proposes this keyset below for a minimal wholistic view to provide guidance for the modelling of apps aimed to generate love more directly.

All these Scopes & Lovelies are relative to each other. This hierarchical display is useful for implying: Lovelies as scopes peaks. A lower lovely as an extended conservation of their upper loves in it.


Some lovelies are more modeled than others… Work in progress, welcome on board! 🙂

The more ambituous interface(s) to achieve are these:

Debate, Adapt, Extend

The keywords choosed for this keyset are maximma supremum vertexes (achademical buzzdefinition…) that intend bringing maximum meaning and mininum learning curve and message length by integrating a balance between popularity and science.

«Love» is proposed here as the default word to get (in)finitely deep in-with it, but as a metatheory it is (see Fuzzy model) it’s designed for other words being able to take such main place too.

The basic aims of this keyset keywords and ranks are being:

0. Default content for a minimal app (See: Triads) for expressing minimal ideal set(s), by letting you edit them and reorder their ranks.

1. Default categories (among other possible custom floves-sets-apps) in a F-Droid like platform for playing and downloading (entangled) apps.

2. Default namings for minimal apps giving default inviting phrase made up with the keywords closest childs (default, popular and custom) to perform a lovely action related to that scope.

Also, for a possible extension of the theory underlying this keyset, see how this little extension can add further background and processing interpretation to it:

ScopeSourceEvolutionExpressionLovelyFar lovelyExcessTweak


More love vibrates if less shadow and more upper loves vibrate (is conserved…) in it
-We cannot vibrate all brights in all scopes at the same time and this causes shadows to show off
-We have biases based in many personal and social issues but specially because of the mommentual shadow that the whole wants to redeem through you.
-Bright goes to Love and leaves a that leaves a mark that forms bright sources in its lower scope
-The brighter source, the lesser shadow and the more possible evolution
-The brightest expression andor the least excessive shadow lead us to the (far) loving expressions. Otherwise, the twisted shadow will go to lack instead of just excess.

Download two more possible tabled extensions of this keyset, here

Furthermore, a final objective is a training program for AIs to spread more the more custom love around. See more: Flove army literature for a brief technouthopian scenario showcase.