The FloveBot is a prototype project for freely analysing your freed data.


Research and development scopes:

  1. A more simpathetic MyFlove apps launcher and assistant
  2. MyFreedom improved suggestions
  3. Machine learning for teaching us the language of love



We have created five characters, each with their own personality, that expose diferent perspectives of our basic philosophy. With them we expose in a more humanized way the practical information about the project.

Cram: Fear that starts the conversation

Juanito: Pragmatic, user of the bunch.

Mari Puri: Technician of the developer team of compartiva.net

Uxia: Enthusiastic user of cousateca.info

Encarna: Appeals to the development of superior immaterial values ​​through generosity and detachment

Venetta: Total Geek

Fairy: Open and with a critical eye. Sometimes a bit arrogant.