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Souls are the first interactions of our free content we offer in a game app that will help you knowing yourself better in a very original way. You could integrate the results in a network, that could help you for:

-Choosing a nickname

-Filling the “About You”

-Increase trust and find matchings

-Relate, crowdsource and apply tags to other contents

-Better understanding of integral fuzzyness



Souls starts offline (for you to be more souly in your first interactions), with different difficulty level, and when you finish it, you can get an interesting advice about your Souls.

If you later decide to upload the results into the interactive free network, it’ll build a profile with 3 adjectives for values offering, 3 for wanted values, and the possibility of extending them with definitions and habits. Other people could also give you Likes and Dislikes and relate your Souls to other existant ones. This overall facilitates matches with other users and increase your trust to them.


Souls as categories for other contents


See also

Twin Souls: (Flove Army: Souls brought to an edgy scenario)


Souls privacy disclaimer


Life viewer





Souls posible further developments


*1. Pre-publishing: It gets published only when you have 2 likes.

*2. Networking: and then publisher gets a Like and a Dislike**.

1- Add a definition or habit or content

(getting approved with two likes)

get a love and a dislike.

2- Add an opposite

(getting approved with two likes)

get a dislike.

3- Add a dislike

get a love.

**We all have defects and every bright has its shade. Sometimes focus a shade let you see the bright you need.




We haven’t got dynamic dictionaries…

and crowdsourced conceptualization is underestimated.

But we know what is the Soul, because it is a word…

So every word could be a soul, but adjectives first please 🙂