SOULS is a projected app for people expressing their keywords through projective ways (identity masking). 

Keywords are sometimes difficult to express in a direct manner, and they are definetely the more important content anyone could add to a platform is using. For example, the «About you» part of profiles is the most important one. You could resume an «About you» with 2 or 3 keywords and that would be the more challenging feature for the platform to specify how to fill it and encourage users to do so because it could either be a vanguard if users catch on them or a corporative failure because users don’t (or poorly) fill that field up (because they consider them too meaningless or edgy).

WHAT: Souls is a proposed gamed app for expressing relations in an advanced and very original way

HOW: See full navigation*, here (.pdf download)

It’s a one-time play (take it importantly), so play it offline, you could save it and later upload it to networkd if you want.

(Initial) difficulty levels to mask degrees of gaming.

Finally receive an interesting advice (challenge, reward, etc) about your Souls (playing).

If you later decide to upload the results into a network, it should build you a profile with a nick (animal+colour), 3 adjectives for offered values (animal) and 3 for wanted ones (colour).

Different networks could want to offer different ways to extend this Abstract Wants&Offers profiling.

At a Flove network, merge & define them as other keypairs.

* Note: These mockups are a bit too generalistic (were intended for showing Souls app as a white labbel-mask of Flove) and it also has outdated bits, but the point here is to follow the navigation up to the: What’s the Lion Smelling (+in that Soul)?, as a study case of edgy flove featuring and whether it to be a modular addon andOR SuperCore standard fields.

See also: Viewer (main floves triads comparer)