Free data



Free will: Ownership and Privacy

Free content: Accessibility and Usability

Free network: Storage and Service

Free culture: Redistribution and Evolution

Free analysis: Crawling and Suggestions



See also: Freed data




«Everyone has to be free to give his-her data to the freest pool»

Free data is a standard that tries to enhace further rights to the ones developed within the philosophical scope of «Personal Data» (i.e., qiyfoundation), with lessons learnt from many other communitties that have also developed freedom standards regarding the access of information that directly depends on a technological medium (GNU, CC, W3C, etc).


Any of the partial freedom rights needs the other ones for freedom to be more consistently protected.

Granting data to be «personal data» is one important step towards freedom, but personal data doesn’t mean that the user is free when managing his-her data nor the data is free for others, so it is neither personal in the end and in the first place. Free software doesn’t apply to ethics of analytics. Free culture standards are good regarding redistribution of the work, but they don’t bother about the open formats. There are always interesting taxonomic debates in the W3C and IEFF communitties about how to make contents more open-free but accessability to content is their only scope.

Also, every community proposing a standard has more or less parented its initial prototypes that come along to test such new proposed standards. MyFlove is a proposed app(s) prototype to comply with the free data standard.

This Free Data standard extends, as a module, the MyData and Qiy principles. MyData and Qiy have already defined most of the personal rigths for being able to have control and freely donate all your personal data from popular privative networks to other pools where a community of crawlers could let you freely tune the algorithms that play with that. But at MyData there is not an unified aim of what freedom needs to have the data storage, the data crawler or the app that want to play with such MyData. Qiy gets a bit deeper than that by proposing aims that the crawlers should have (free analysis), but it is not interested in showing some sets of features for which and how additional contents interactions to promote (free content), and it is neither estating freedom standards for storers and services (free network), which is the gap that something else such as Free Data standards and-or MyFlove applications should fill better.




Evolution, the mollecullar thermodynamic complexization is about reasoning about how to transmit information more efficiently. The present people we are today have evolved up to this point due to learning from information that has been revealed to someone who then has transmitted it to others who could understand (information formed as processable –> data) and liked-agreed to that (is regarded as wealthy data by someone else –> knowledge).

Discoveries are revelations of what was already there but was previously unprocessed. We are all part of this underlying quantum mesh that had this same data you read now in every past and every future yet for us to be able to see. Thus, what we call Personal data is anyone revealing a certain processing of some wealthy information (wealthy = more quanta in it).

Since data can be easily physicalized, it can be treated as any other material-economical mean. There are laws about the intellectual property rights management that base their rules in a fact with a very dubious interpretability. You the owner of any data you create, and there are some rights over it that you can’t give away (i.e. Moral Rights). This is dubious because i.e. words ownership can’t belong to anyone, and i.e. i may not care about you spoofing my authorship of something but someone else may sue you if do so. Nevertheless, i don’t plan to mess much in the ownership standards. I just wanted to mention the inner flaws of the Free ownership substandard of the free data standard i propose.




You need to have full privacy first before giving data to anyone (public or to our lovely Data pools or crawlers), just because if you have all rights for not giving anything, anything you give is only or more valuable then. For making a wiser decission about it, we need to educate ourselves in the awareness education of the personal management of privacy that we face when creating anything. In this sense, the pleasant design and displaying of Awareness information is key for being able to make the freer privacy choices also.

All apps and devices that are connected to the internet collect further data about you than the one you purposefully give. You should be able to enjoy your first flove apps experience offline. We are doing it this way for showing you that is important for you to be able to hold all your rights about your data privacy, so first choose:

Play in your device

Play online

If you decide to play it online, we won’t give your data to third parties, and we will neither use it for analisys unless you allow us to do so. The adavantatges of playing a flove app online are that you could do some more things there by networking your data with other people. I.e. Making public the date of last edit, or the history of your three main souls gives you more trust and more interesting things to talk about with others. However, you should have degrees of visibility which allow you to share it to others but offuscate it to robots or you can even turn it to completely private.

We also let you choose how present you want to the recommendations for you to be, and we want to let you customize your prefered contents to see.


Free network: Service and Storage

See secushare standards for a free network


Free content: Accessibility and Usability

Follow IEFF, IFF, W3C, and implement the dynamic nesting as in LoL app


Free culture: Redistribution and Evolution

The «free culture licenses» (that give rights about sharing or modifying further) should apply into any data we freely let others read. When we share our data there is an implossion feedback and an expansion sensation we have to balance.

The implossion will will push us to think:

Try to give it just to the one or the ones that will appreciate receiving it and (s)he will cute you deeply empatically because of that.

The expansion will will push us to think:

Since data was already there, and data access brings more data, the freer i am making the data, the more natural flow i am in, and the more data and knowledge you and us can get for a higher life or freedom experience. The more we free our data, the more freedom is achieved in other layers too. So we also definetely need a community where the election of making everything freely accesible is taken for granted as a principle. One communitty that positionates free data in a right place in a broader holistic-integral ontology i.e.



Free analysis: Crawling and suggestions

When we make some data public to others (medium firstly included), we also have to estate what further freedoms will have the analytical machine or any person we allowed to process our data for such purpose. So in this sense, we should also develop the offuscating of data for whoever wants to make something public while putting it difficult to machines to read it along. This standard urge platforms maintainers about having less responsability over the users’ contents, and promotes an open competition between crawlers that later suggest you other related contents.

In this reagard, there is proposed yet another straight-through prototype pool for receiving the more qualified data anyone would like to donate to analyse it: MyFreedom. This is proposed for the care about making as much public information as possible and care about it, because as more collective intelligence is available being freely contributed and developed, the less data the system will require from its users for being able to suggest the more close contents to each. This is not for the purpose of hijacking privacy or showing users commercial advertisements of companies that pays for doing so, as popular social networks do, we want to feed the collective intelligence up to get to the Flove Army finding us twin souls to connect with.