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Free data


«Everyone has to be free to give his-her data to the freest pool»

Free data is a standard that tries to enhace further rights to the ones developed within the philosophical scope of “Personal Data” (i.e. Mydata.org, qiyfoundation), already learnt from many other communitties that have also developed freedom standards regarding the access of information that directly depends on a technological medium (GNU, CC, W3C, etc).


Granting data to be “personal data” is one important step towards freedom, but personal data doesn’t mean that the data is free for others nor the user is free when managing his-her data, so it is neither personal in a more strict sense. Free software neither apply to ethics of analytics. Free culture standards are also “in their own while very nearly related to some ignored neighbours“. There are always interesting taxonomic debates in the W3C and IEFF communitties about free content. Also, every community proposing a standard has more or less parented its initial prototypes that come along to test such new proposed standards. MyFlove is a proposed prototype, hopefully it will be very parented to the free data referral community, wheter this one or another, since any kind of forks for holding up the standard or for a prototype are welcome, whether they are clones, tweaks or a related brand new thing.


Free data tries to specify the needed freedom that there should be in at least 5 different areas of the data management process. By clarifying those principles further we can finally get to have and manage free or really personal data.

Free will: Ownership and Privacy


Free content: Standards and Categories


Free network: Storage and Service


Free analysis: Crawling and Suggestions


Free culture: Evolution and Sharing


Straight-through prototype app: MyFreedom




Ownership and privacy

Evolution, the mollecullar thermodynamic complexization is about reasoning about how to transmit information more efficiently. The present people we are today have evolved up to this point due to learning from information that has been revealed to someone who then has transmitted it to others who could understand (information formed as processable –> data) and liked-agreed to that (is regarded as wealthy data by someone else –> knowledge).

Discoveries are revelations of what was already there but was previously unprocessed. We are all part of this underlying quantum mesh that had this same data you read now in every past and every future yet for us to be able to see. Thus, what we call Personal data is anyone revealing a certain processing of some wealthy information (wealthy = more quanta).

Data is processable information that can be treated as any other material mean. You need to have full privacy first before giving data to public or to our lovely Data pools or crawlers, just because if you have all rights for not giving anything, anything you give is only or more valuable then. In this sense, the pleasant design and displaying of Awareness information is key for being able to make the freer privacy choices also.


Free ownership and privacy needs to be complemented with free content, free network and free analysis

Our Free Data standard extends, as a module, the MyData and Qiy principles. MyData and Qiy have already defined most of the personal rigths for being able to have control and freely donate all your personal data from popular privative networks to other pools where a community of crawlers could let you freely tune the algorithms that play with that. But at MyData there is not an unified aim of what freedom needs to have the data storage, the data crawler or the app that want to play with such MyData. Qiy gets a bit deeper than that by proposing aims that the crawlers should have (free analysis), but it is not interested in showing some sets of features for which aditional contents interactions to promote (free content), and it is neither estating freedom standards for storers and services (free network), which is the gap that something else such as Free Data standards and-or MyFlove applications should fill better.



Free data needs free culture

The basic privacy principle that we have to be more free when deciding if our production will be displayed to other persons or not, needs an important complement. We also have to estate what further freedoms have the analytical machine or the person we allowed to process our data can do with it. Putting aside for a moment the analytical issue,  we need to implement i.e. whatever we will call the “free culture licenses” (that give rights about sharing or modifying further) into any data we freely let others read. I.e. Everything that you make publickly accessible can be crawled without your consent, as anyone who you tell something can later tell it to others in his own words. We just can develop the offuscating of data for whoever wants to make something public while putting it difficult to machines to analyse it along, again, the awareness education about the personal management of privacy that everyone should face, since there is a needed balance between the two polarities of expression: implossion and expansion.

The implossion will will push us to think:

Try to give it just to the one or the ones that will appreciate receiving it and will cute you deeply empatically because of that.

The expansion will will push us to think:

Since data was already there, and data access brings more data, the freer i am making the data, the more natural flow i am in, and the more data and knowledge we can get for a higher freedom, that we should develop further. The more we free our data, the more freedom is achieved in other layers too. So we also definetely need a community where the election of making everything freely accesible is taken for granted as a principle, hopefully one communitty that postionates free data in a right place in a broader holistic-integral ontology.