The loveliest keywords


A Dual Whole


Partial and practical triads


See axiologies for a justification of this split, default ordering and the Love position in the Whole.





Full view

Here there is added a complementary flove (Far flove) and 2 more triads (of Bright and Shade) at each layer-flove, to help us defining them and their overall process.



Flove creates bright and shade

Bright has a Shade (The more bright express, the better lived shade), both go to flove, and leave a print

Such print forms sources in its lower layer

The more source as higher flove print has been

The more source, the better the lack shade and the more possible evolution

The more evolution, the better the twist shade and the more possible expression

The more expression, the better the excess shade and the more possible lovely

Otherwise, actual twisted shade will go more to lack instead of going to excess (and later to far lovely), and this would make lower flows flowing with a worse shade because of the maintaining of an-this upper shade vibration.

A lower love has to let its upper loves to flow in it



What is this useful for?

Order your more meaningful words in a whole view

The position of a word in the whole defines the weight of its value and with its closer dependant relations we can make automatic definitions for each. It also shows potential paths to any love from any other bright or shady expression. This a beggining of a flove language specification and guidelines for modelling concrete applications for every of the different and limited more lovely expressions of life.

See also: Why a Life view?