All easy loves



Floves are the different expressions of love in life. Here there is a minimal resume of them in a full triad:

These triads are a default, the point is to crowdsource them by offering an interactive application that thorugh a simple test helps you to order your own life view.

See also: Why a Life view?


We can also create further triads to them, see this other more in depth triad:

We added a complementary flove (Far flove) and 2 more triads for each layer (Bright and Shade).



These flove triads also have a minimal defined process, which is:

Flove creates bright and shade

Bright goes to flove, and leaves a print (The more bright, the less shade)

Such print forms sources in its lower layer

The more source as higher flove print has been

The more source, the less lack shade and the more possible evolution

The more evolution, the less twist shade and the more possible expression

The more expression, the less excess shade and the more possible lovely

Otherwise, actual twisted shade will go to lack instead of going to far lovely, and this would make lower flows flowing shader because of the maintaining of this upper shade vibration.

“A lower love has to let its upper loves to flow in it”



What to do with this?

This process specification brings automatic definitions for every concept according to its semantic neighbours and a potentiality of and a path to love (holism). This a beggining of a specification for a flove language that should model concrete applications for every of the different and limited love expressions (integrality).


See also

Every concept needs another one who to relate to get to be more meaningful. It is lovelier to define deep complementarities for needing to rely less on self-evident dualisms for establishing approximated truths (See more: fuzzy).