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Grants are a guarantee that third parties are willing to compensate in case of any damage arising in any relationship between users. The guarantees can be any type of content (comments or points) però the contents of the guarantees, unlike comments or scores, if they have an equivalence in some additional real material value. And the types of things with which to give an endorsement, can be as much goods, services or money.

We propose an initial system where the guarantees only serve to generate trust towards third parties, but not to generate a monetary credit with them. If you want to create credit networks with endorsements, as does ripple, we should not call them grants, but credit or debit instead, so as not to confuse the two practices.

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«Visible only to my friends»

When sharing, we always start doing it in groups of trust, and we open ourselves up as we get to know (trusting) more people. In any platform there is a tendency for users to establish their interactions in small groups with visibility permits within it.

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