TRUSTFUL (The local flove)

Consent others to damage your reputation as a grant


WHY: Negative comments on profiles can be a way for building trust in a network, but if you explicitly (and not only implicitly) allowing them to comment negatively, this already adds value to the negative comment and avoids problems of discomfort or brusqueness both for the one who gives the negative comment and for the one who receives it.

WHAT: Give trust explicitly before asking for trust to another, specifying for how long and in what way the compensatory damage can be caused to your reputation by the other party. i.e.

I allow you to get my bike, insult me and tell my groups and friends and put slanderous posters down the street, but only until a day after I have not returned it to you your bike

I don’t know you and you ask me for staying in my house and I have to trust you. So to have a more fairer relationship you should trust me too in allowing me to damage your reputation if you do not comply with what we agreed to. It’s not fair if you do not let me to maybe hurt you while i have to maybe let you hurt me»

Your cousin (user1) also offers you an OwnTrust if you need it

HOW: Offer and request trust:

















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