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We are too used to the feary reasoning that only or the best way for being parents is within a couple of monogamist lovers, either being heterosexual or homosexual. In the other hand, it can be seen as perfectly naturally wished that the child should easily recognize who is his or her biological father or mother. But note that the we have used the word biological father or mother, which is different than we can be a mother or father for many existant childs that are orphans, or grown with the help of fiancees from a friendly divorced or completely broken up couple. Don’t or shouldn’t these type of childs call their best adult friends as daddy or mummy even not being their biological ancestors?

And what about people that want to get assurance from further assistances either from their own lineaged family members or friends in the growing up of a child? Shouldn’t more clear information about it help them in making a more clear decission for setting up a plan for bringing a new child to life? And bringing this issue further, can’t any adult find a yet unknown person who is a very good match for him or her based in their parenting views? Why can’t we adapt the benefits of the crowdfunding methodology for projected material resources but for what is possibly the most valueable matter (a child..) we may want manage collaboratively?


The CrowdParenting model is an easy form to fill up for decalring the responsability anyone is ready to accept for the parenting of a child, whether it being already here, or for bringing new childs to life.

Within the CrowdParenting model, once you have filled the form with such information, you should be able to gather additional help for your parenting or for what you consider as a benefit for your child, up to schedule a meeting with unknown people once your estated thresholds are met.