CROWDPARENTING (Projected app)

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WHY: The way we help raising kids differences us the more from animals. The development of matrifocality is (should be…) the key thread at both anthropology and evolutionary psicohology (if not at biology as a whole).  

In the so called modern societies, we are too used to the feary reasoning that only or the best way for being parents is within a couple of exclusive lovers (either being heterosexual or homosexual). In less modern societies love comes as a result of having agreed to raise a confidence in a couple and-or a family together. If we are to say that first option is the good one, we are forgetting all the painful break ups of couple in this so called modern society. If we are too say the second one is the good one, we are neither more right, since a couple or a family is one of the acts that most needs the mysticism of «loving another person» to make it happen and having a full, honest and deep sense of living that we all pursue.

In the eyes of a child, (s)he wants to know who are his-her biological parents, but (s)he basically cares more about being cared and loved by many people. The kid prefers to be with different people for (s)he not getting bored so quickly playing and learning with the same ones all the time.

Many existant childs that are orphans, or grown with the help of fiancees from a friendly divorced or completely broken up couple are anyway happy. Don’t or shouldn’t these type of childs call their best adult friends as daddy or mummy even not being their biological ancestors?

And what about a girl that for deciding to be a mother wants to get assurance from further assistance she will have either from their own lineaged family members or friends in the growing up of a child? Shouldn’t more clear information about it help them in making a more clear decission for setting up a plan for bringing a new child to life? Shouldn’t it help improve the communication between genders specially from flirting up to marrying? Is it not more important a contract for offspring care than a ‘marriage care’ one with an adult?

And bringing this issue further, can’t any adult find a yet unknown person who is a very good match for him or her based in their parenting views? Is this, has not been this the basic information we have been dealing with each other since we were plants and animals? If us humans are not much different in this sense, why we don’t share more this information with our couple or other firends since this way we will get the more (or one of the most) precise data about compatibility between each other? One could say here that the girl has the power of hiding information about who she wants to be pregnant from, and the guy has the power of faking his commit to attention after leaving her pregnant. So why not we decide to play less power games and look for a braver, deeper more meaningful love by showing our hidden cards? Why do we do crowdfunding for projected material resources but we don’t do it for the most valueable matter (a child..)?

WHAT: It is not a pitty for a guy to say he wants to be only 10% father of a child, nor for a woman to say she doesn’t want the biological father to be her fiancee. The CrowdParenting model is an easy form to fill up for declaring the responsability anyone is ready to accept for the parenting of a child, whether it being already here, or for bringing new childs to life.

HOW: We should altogether link with the practices of organizations that offer the receiving of orphans, provide specific strategical materials that could convince parents to promote the shared care of their children as well as help for couples who want to test or more seriously try this way of parenting, etc.

See also: Mindmaps/Crowdparenting at for the demonstration fields for the form.