Adore you

Adore you, a trustful projected app

Formally ask for interacting closely with someone else

WHY: We are bound to bond more, to bond with other people and to do so through an increased physicalization of that through any of our 5 senses mainly. It is very natural and lovely to want to bond with someone by sensing his-her body (andor even mind…), but sometimes such wants are either difficult to express or they are proposed in a too uncomfortable way andor are not enough transparent for the potential receiver of them, this AdoreYou app is proposed as a more formal tuner for these kind of requests.

AdoreYou purpose is to, at the very least, cheer up the relation or just a allow for a more relaxed conversation (after an ignoring andor refusal of the want).

We shouldn’t value more the fear of maybe damaging some relationship by the fact of having opened such want than the potential benefits of doing so instead, because such these wants can anyway be more informally expressed. We rather put our faith in the fact that by having said so, one will feel more relaxed about that (despite being possibly ignored) while we’ll also give an additional value to refusals.

In the case of requests being accepted, it can cause a very lovely impact in the relationship. The requesting of further acceses due to acceptance of lower ones can happen either informally beyond the initial licence access granting andor formally by a new upgraded request. This is a matter for the requestee to learn how to stop them if they are unconfortable to him-her, as normally happening in daily life.

In the worst case scenario (i.e. using the app for harassment), one will have additional proofs of having already refused some consent that has been ignored, and so more harassment proofs (s)he will have.

AdoreYou also opens up a very interesting middle between these two sides, where refusals could be just some lessening of the requested accesses instead of absolute refusals. Granting of further accesses beyond the initial request can be done through the app too although it is foreseen that those will more naturally happen informally offapp.

«Adore you» as a name because it emphasizes the sacredness of such close sensorial interactions with each other that it wants to smooth and foster, up to the best possible point for both being comfortable with such more physicalized bonding.

HOW: Displaying here below an edgy study case, to test the possible limits of the app.


(.) I don’t want us to mess up further than by you…

() etc

Let me adore you(.r):

() etc

() breast

(.) naked breast


() my eyes

(.) my hand





(.) I am also open to a previous:

(.) conversation (.) about: (.) whatever you want

(.) find somewhere comfortable where to do it

(.) anything else you may need

(.) I offer you my OwnTrust for you being able to damage my reputation if i fail you by: …


() Please

(.) Would you?

(.) Why not?

Disclaimer: Agreements are to be kept secret, unless otherwise authorised by the receiver andor needed for reviewing possible harassment cases. Proposals don’t need to be secret, but if they are shared the requester has to let it be know to the receiver, since that is key information that could help him-her in deciding whether to accept the request or not. The requestee is free to let known the received request to others without having to tell it to the receiver. We encourage receivers not to be offended by requests, nor to bully the requesters (unless if there is a harassment suspicion) and contact the app mediation services before doing so.

Development Note: «Adore you licenses» should be able to be sent through QRs, as invitations, with diversity of designs and grants, from traceable profiles and with further options to publickly certifying it for a more extended security and simpathy.

AdoreYou activity should also trace some additional meritocracy for both for accepters (because of their altruism) and to requesters (because of their courage).