Open Astro

OPENASTRO (Projected app)

AstroWizards for your date of birth

WHY: If you want to turn recommendations on, random would be a decent default arrival. Next it will relate to any data you will share and allow it to analize. The less data that can produce the more analises (whether you consider them reliable or not) are the analitics from different astrologies based on  the simple data of a date of birth (plus time and location normally as well).  

WHAT: Information and Recommendations adapted from astrologies analizing your Date of birth. Translate-associate-adapt their more mystical vocabularies to more practical task making categories. 

Download/Choose: Random, Astrological (Oracles-Wizards) – Customize more (i.e. a flove task)

HOW:  Genekeys, MarySoliris bridging Tzolkin calendar Hexagrams from Iching, etc.