Plan your date(s) of death

WHY: There is probably nothing more important in the life of any person at an intimate level than to be with peace of mind when imagining the moment of death. There are also a lot of worries that are hard to manage for your relatives in the case you die, specially when the event comes as a surprise.

There is much wisdom with regard to be with peace of mind with the moment of your death while you are a live described in: «The Tibetan Book of Life and Death.» More recently, there is an active community called digitallegacyconference.com, and non-free applications like safebeyond, ether9, or deadsocial (in development, but with a lot of documentation), that basically specialize in keeping your data online after you die.

But neither the Tibetans themselves offer reinforcing the feeling of connection with your moment of death with any easy interactive tool for guide you to declare and well specify a plan for that. Nor the mentioned platforms offer that, nor free tools for that nor an agential service for managing the post-mortem burocracies the freer posible.

WHAT: Tidy your thoughts about the how you want to be the moment when and after you will die. Plan your companionship, environtment and heritage for when and after you’ll die. Describe not only a possible environment desired for your death, but several of them, link and rank existing services, etc.  

HOW: Do a test and never worry about taking such plannings for granted. Publish contradictory plans if you want and never worry too much about it, since you won’t be there for resolving the dispute. Plan some triggers to do certain actions at a whatever post-mortem event to keep your legacy more sure (i.e. only divide my money after a year and after all my brothers having fill and show to others this test), to make yourself still or more present to others (i.e. have a chatbot of you that makes decisions about your inheritance after you die), or just for fun (i.e. i invite a beer to x members after every summer rain), etc.