Create and do tests, know yourself more and enhace your profile and recommendations with those if you want


Demonstration of CrowdTests:







We can standarize basic profile fields, but then there is the difficulty of agreeing in what other fields we could add. Also such optional fields could look still too rigid.

In another side, there are many non-free platforms like or others where you can do a test and forward it to other non-free platforms (facebook, twitter, etc), where you can’t categorize them (tags are just too messy and hard to keep track of, and this is deliberately architectured for you not being able to subcategorize your profile inputs).

So we propose an open standard for doing tests easily associated to a profile, where it could get further freely categorized or related (i.e. categorize your already imported tests as «other tests», «main tests», «etc»). 

This should help the problem mentioned above about how and up to extent to extend a profile, where there can be infinite number of tests to be done for feeding your profile, and the tests can be created by the users themselves, so with CrowdTests we leave the door wide open for developing the profiles in the most freely collaborative way (just by adapting the LoL and the Viewer mechanics to other type of content-tests).

Also in this sense, the more popular CrowdTests should be the first candidates to become app on its own.