Clearing your keywords and their rankings gives you clarity


We all have an own view of the whole, that we could describe through keywords. This effort helps in: 
1. Viewing how all is connected and approach their complexities.
2. Worrying less about how the big or main picture is ordered.
3. Having a more meaningful conversation with someone else.

«A world view is crucial for the total order of a human mind[…] and it is the third mind cleaning and purification introductory practice that i recommend […] because:

-Such this special meditative research about mind nature and its phenomena ends up with the tireless mental zeal of thinking and researching and its dependence on concepts, analising and its endless referring. So it wakes up a personal achievement of getting to feel nature […]

-If such view could encourage the individuals to do a conciousness transformation, and so influence society, it will return to our world the living interconnection sense and meaning that it so desperately needs Sogyal Rimpoche«



Viewer is a projected app for proposing and debating ideal and small sets of wor(l)ds (floves, the more fundamental keywords of each).

You could create a list of your favourite keywords and then pass them to your friends to edit their ranks, suggest new keywords or contrast it with their own ones.

Here my Floves, a proposed default set of ranked keywords to agree to (with your friends andor more global audience) and or to fork them on through the viewer app. 




Rank these triads in podiums:

  1. Love, Wisdom, Joy
  2. Social, Local, Personal
  3. Exchange, Gift, Lend
  4. Extraction, Offer, Manufacture

And then:

1. See your basic view of the whole and see the most obvious analogies across them.

2. Compare your view with the default view and get comments about the comparision.

Additional information

Since all views are equally true, this comparison is not about if you are right or have scored more points by your choice of ranks having matched the default ones. Comparing your ranks andor keywords with the default one will just bring you some more insight about your own view. Your own view probably doesn’t match with the offered default one and also in another moment you would describe and rank your keywords  differently, but anyway, it is recomended that you keep your first views as you have choosen them, since there is only one first time where your choices haven’t been conditioned by the default view that you will find at the end of it.  


  1. Recommend the app to a friend of you and let him-her contrast his-her view with yours (and the default one). 
  2. Final results pages to serve as apps (categories) launchers:

3. Expose and define your these favourite keywords as bictiopedia binomials-keypairs.