Triads, a projected fuzzy app for sets of 3


We all have an own view of the whole, that we could describe with triads.

We can do analogies across different keywords with equal ranks from different sets. Also, every triad contains 3 binomials already, that can be extended Dipedia.
«A world view is crucial for the total order of a human mind[…] and it is the third mind cleaning and purification introductory practice that i recommend […] because: -Such this special meditative research about mind nature and its phenomena ends up with the tireless mental zeal of thinking and researching and its dependence on concepts, analising and its endless referring. So it wakes up a personal achievement of getting to feel nature […] -If such view could encourage the individuals to do a conciousness transformation, and so influence society, it will return to our world the living interconnection sense and meaning that it so desperately needs Sogyal Rimpoche«


Example: Rank the triads of floves (from marc) andor change the words.  HOW Rank these triads in podiums:
  1. Love, Wisdom, Joy (pic)
  2. Social, Local, Personal
  3. Exchange, Gift, Lend
  4. Extraction, Offer, Manufacture
And then see: 1. A basic view of the whole (from you) 2. Analogies across equal ranks 3. Comments about the comparision with the default view Recomendation: Keep a record of your first interactions with these triads (just now in your head, get pen and paper, do them in the app with privacy – more public…) There is only one first time playing with them, it everyone who played them says they liked it. Comparision demonstration: All views are equally true. Comparing your ranks andor keywords with the offered here will just bring you some more insight about your own view, in contrast with other posible ranks of the triads  
Final results pages to serve as apps launchers: