Feel invited to improve all pages you browse here in this website. Below it goes a list of my own To-Do tasks for the short-mid term and areas that i can’t do much at and will love regular care.

This following diagram was intended for the maths side of development, but could be applied to the whole flove project too:


** Math.flove.org (and or minimaths.net a possible communitty if more people in)

** New version of the specifications, with a full minimal user survey

** Improve: Simple (homemade) audiovisuals for promos and tutorials

** New full version: Recycle from 1.8&1.9 versions for 1.9.1 (manual) and or go for a 2.0 (interactive, see more tasks below) with attention on improving:

* + Known dichotomies

* Bibioprocesses analogied to Physics and PsichoSociology.

** Evidence bipolarities with spoofed conversations reviews from past and or actual referrals



** Documentation

** Audiovisual

** Admin / Code

** Promo

** Translations



** Crowdsourcing key bipolarities (see love page)

** Visualization of tables and little animations

** From ProofOfConcepts to Entangled apps