This page offers an informal information about the development environtment for flove.org. See the broader Free data standard page (initial spec…) and download full document here (outdated texts but many mockups in…).




1. Justification (White paper, see this website for now)

2. Ontologies (in xyz technical standards, see this page for now)

3. Demonstrations (Mini How-to, ProofOfConcepts, Mockupsvideotutorials which some are offtopic)

4. Software (Planned) TiddlyWiki bundle, Modules, Decentralized clients, etc

5. Services: (Planned)

(Centralized) Bictiopedia.org with a: Moderated and Bundled SemanticMediaWiki to host only keypairs (highly valued pairs), fed with External Data (SMW module) and TiddlyWiki, etc dumps

(Decentralized) Pools list





For making love more present anywhere in our life, we can make a limited set of categories (floves) representing our whole small worlds. Since loves are relative to each other, actions in one layer can be modeled to promote the other loves from other layers along in them, starting per the closest neighbours, specially the upper ones.

More love at the upper layers of life don’t need much modelling of our interactions with it through an apped screen, it only needs deeper and easy explains, and words help us much in that, hence the special heat on the bictiopedia project (flove core).

Better technologies for easy semantic matching1 is best, andbut it’s harder to be lovely with their relative money9 than with gifting7, so more technologies are needed there too.

Mechanics for the upper ranked keypairs rely more or absolutely in semantics&epistemology descriptivist crowdsourcing modelling (See…). More practical (lower) keypairs (and their mechanization) need more technification.


If at some life layer there is not any other platform that entangles lovelier, there flove.org should go

There are a lot of apps already doing very lovely things, but sometimes their owners don’t want to do some more lovely break-through featurings within them. So, we have to look at what there is already developed, and propose to add the more minimal additional feature to them (either in the existant app itself or in a paralel new fork – prototype).

A boomerang photo in instagram forwarded to facebook, which is reforwarded to a flove app there where it is better shown, stored and crawled



I first downloaded that Instashare lite for sharing things, now that is (i am!) fully entangled in Flove

Flove actions can be offered in a simpler or partial version of the whole flove model (or set of apps). Flove minimal apps could be offered stand-alone and or with custom bundles that are mixing parts of the different floves models.




Develop any part, any time, for any pack.

Versiones: (V1) Network (V2) Life (V3)
Intentionality Conversate Localize Automate
Development Nuclear Modular Nodal
Localization Links to local nodes Local nodes networks Confederalism
Architecture Centralized Decentralized Distributed
Aplication Mini Apps Smartphone Apps Entangled Apps
Property Own Shared Re-Distributed
Representation Minimal Gamified Sinestesic
Minning Forms Subliminality Multimedia
Multipublish External Integrated Granular
Documentation Text&Pics Multimedia ChatBots
Reference Activity Profile Profiles
Description Standard Portable Biometrics
Reputation Likes Tokens Rewards
Entities Users Agencies Arbitrators
Trusts Comment OwnTrust Grantori
Groups Description Families Free Families
Federation Mediation Integrative Asistentialist
Comunity Authócracy Sections Incomes
Formalization Safe creative – DOI GPL Brand Institutional
Extraction Eco bolean Meassurers Compensators
Manufacture Craft bolean Free Projects Crowdcrafting
OFFER Offer of things Offer/request of things/services Co-offer, Hybrids & Packs
Gift Claused To commons Quick Commons redirect
Lend Oferor chooses clauses Ideal clauses for things and requesters Automated accesses
Exchange For another thing Sell in Hours, Social currency and cryptos Flovecoin