Your masks are more real than yourself
Keywords are sometimes difficult to be expressed or found in a direct manner. You could resume an «About you» with 2 or 3 keywords and that would be the more challenging feature for the platform to specify how to fill it (and encourage users to do so), because it could either be the best achievement if users catch on and fill them or a corporative failure because users don’t (or poorly) fill that field up (because they consider them too meaningless or edgy). Declaring your values isn’t easy most of the times, and our decalaration of them are subjected not only to possible future changes, but more specially to the intended audience we direct them to. Souls app proposes you to do that by masking yourself with-as some other fictional entity. Souls is not proposing anything new, this is called «projective test» within psychology. Everyone of us, at some point, will try trolling the projective test thinking they are giving fake or overbroad misguiding replies to it (neutral or funny adjectives instead of more qualificative ones) to the test questions, but this attitude, more in fact and a bit paradoxically, gets further deep in the symbolism of the real values that the person is trying to hide, because there is nothing alien to us in whatever we estate, regardless of the effort. This strategical hiding just points to a deeper symbolism that those (apparently meaningless) keywords have for him-her. An advanced topology, the hardest to achieve for analisers, in more formal terms. Within projective tests, there are some of them more useful than others for specifics data minings. We propose the default Animal & Colour masks («Masks» is just a way to call to a Perspectives) for its closeness and broadness.


Souls is a projected app for people expressing their keywords through a projective way (identity masking in a very simple, advanced and original way).


See full navigation, here (.pdf download) (read note below) It’s a one-time play (take it importantly), so it is recommended to download it and play it offline. You could then save it and later share it with friends andor upload it to some networks if you want. 0. «Difficulty levels» for the «degree of gamification» you want.
  1. Finally receive an interesting advice (challenge, reward, etc) about your Souls (playing).
  2. If you later decide to upload the results into a network, it should build you a profile with a nick (animal+colour), 3 adjectives for offered values (animal) and 3 for wanted ones (colour).
  3. Merge & define them as other Dipedia keypairs. Take this importantly because they surely will favourited keypairs of you for a long time, the places where you could find more Love through words.
* Note: See the initial part of the pdf for the Souls app specification itself, the following one is more generic related to derivated apps for using that gathered data. Souls app navigation depth is at the interface that says: What’s the Lion Smelling ? (about that previous adjective you said).

See also Viewer app where keywords are given and more focused in describing a more objective view (Souls is for the more subjective part). Declaring what is the other pole in what you are saying is a main functionality to achieve within the more broad specification of Perspectives An even easier projective app: