You can enjoy your first experience of Souls offline. We do it this way for showing you that is important for you to be able to hold all your rights about your data.

All apps and devices that are connected to the internet collect further data about you than the one you purposefully give.

For this reason, we want that the first time you to play Souls, you could decide to stay closer with your soul this offline way, so now if you want, choose:

Play in your device

Play online

If you decide to play it online, we won’t give your data to third parties, and we will neither use it for analisys unless you allow us to do so.

The adavantatges of playing Souls online are that you could do some more things there, by getting networked with other people.

Know more

Making public the date of last edit, or the history of your three main souls gives you more trust and more interesting things to talk about with others.

However, you have degrees of visibility, you can share it to others but offuscate to robots or you can even turn it to completely private. It’s up to you.

We believe in giving the more options we could for the user to control the privacy degrees of his/her content, because this way, the more meaningful will be the content (s)he gives it up for the collective intelligence.

This is basically important because intelligence, whether is about data management or another thing, is not that much about quantity, buth rather about quality.

This means that, as more collective intelligence is available being freely contributed and developed, the less data the system will require from its users for being able to suggest the more close contents to each.

This is not for the purpose of showing users commercial advertisements of companies that pays us for doing so, as popular social networks do.

We let you choose how present you want to the recommendations for you to be, and we want to let you customize your prefered contents to see.