Offers glossary

Glossary of Terms for Offers

Use: Active use of the thing

Thing: A material value

Offer: Offered of a thing

Co-offer: Offer with multiple Offerors

Offeror: Person who offers

Gift: Free transfer of ownership of a thing

Gifter: Offeror of gift

Loan: Use transfer of a thing

Share: Co-offer one thing

Exchange: Reciprocal transfer of things

Barter: Lovely exchange

Swap: Lovely exchange

Conversation: Agreement search process for the transfer of use

Relationship: Possibilities of use agreed

Person: Potential user

User: Person compliant with conditions of use of the thing

Requester: Person asking for use transfer

Borrower: Loan Provider

Lender: Loan receiver

Agent: Contact person of the thing

Ownership: Legal reference to formalize relationships

Legal: Applicable conventional conditions

Conditions: Invitation to a formal relationship

Desires: Non-binding conditions in the conversation about the relationship

Demand: Announcement of the need to use a thing

Project: Development announcement of the thing

Service: Thing valued in hours

Grant: Offer of third-party help service in case of damage in a relationship

Points: Internal reputation system tokens

Contribution: Immaterial or material gift in a relationship

Operational contribution: Additional costs to be able to use

Symbolic contribution: Small material contribution (help) or immaterial (favor) to use

Patrimonial contribution: cost and% of co-offer acquired by using

Lend yourself too: The taker promises to lend to third parties

Loan me too: The taker promises to lend something to the borrower in the future

Shareful: A neword synonym of shareable that facilitate the identification of our lending philosophy. A common referential and development platform