Regularly trustful,What being a mom really binds for? What people here thinks a mom is?


As any life, we can’t survive by ourselves only, we always need others, whether is for self reflecting ourselves in them and-or for sharing personal care and material things with close people we more care about and let them interact with us. Such local organizations of limited trustful groups of people naturally show up in our life time as Friends, Mates, Comrades or more formally speaking as Families.

With «MyFamily» as «the» keyword for such an interactive app we want to reinforce (give more quality to) the reality of some key groupings and agreements done between people on-through a virtual app. MyFamily contracts signed in a platform should render a quicker increase of quality of real life.

Since a family is a very lovely expresion of a human local reality, the family lineaging (stronger trusts) shouldn’t be dependant in a couple deciding to have children, nor in a set of closed rights guaranteed by some centralised conventional authority. We do have more special relationships with friends that are not in our «blood lineage». For example, some of us sometimes call some friends of us as «Brother» o love them more than we love to our bloody brother, so why not to extend this lovely trend for being more ourselves, having fun and sharing easier with others?

Using the word «Family» naturally pushes us to it. It normallises the rights and duties to enjoy between close affinities. We want to respect the height and autonomy of the word Family while decentralising and crowdsourcing its meaning. We don’t foresee any trouble that MyFamily could bring to your bloody lineaged family, we just can expect your mum being more happy about you being more cared by others and-or you knowing better what to be a mum could be. Maybe MyFamily incentivates your mom to be a better mom to you too, because you will be having other competing virtual moms… who knows? at least we wish such scenario happily worrilessly.


Create a group and add people who you agree to give them part of your personal care and share things with them. This finally serves for giving more clarity and meaningfulness to which kind of relationship we have with others, and for altogether define what a family really is, i.e.

MyFamily says me that you are 44% mum, 32% partner, 22% granny, 4 % cousin of me: What does it say to you about me? Why do you have keep that information private to me?


Here there is a list of standard practices to be offered to your candidates of your MyFamily group:






Regular care and affection

Regular cheers and help

Strong emotional companionship

Intimate freindship and complicity

Fraternity and colaborativity

Gives attention preference

Can see or hear you

Calls you anytime

Pass free time together

Attends you sometimes

Limits the other to do things

Tell you what purposes to have

Prescribe you attitudes

Counseling you about any issue

Reply and send you messages

Criticizes hard

Show disaproval

Negative comentting

Show upsetness

Criticize you constructively

Regular surprising gifts

Gifts as posible

Gifts you if you behave good

Yearly presents

Invite to events

Share all with you

Share and keep things

Receive heritages and grant fully

Receive heritages and grant you some

Share some things

Can spend part of his-her money

Gives money if you need

Gives money sometimes, lend always

Lend you sometimes

Lend you if urgent

Know your adress and phone

Grants you

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