Institutional integration (of offers)

This document summarizes initiatives to integrate the philosophy of the shared offer in public administration.

Moderation of moderators (Model

Concello must approve moderating associations

Moderator associations of new users1 moderator (RpA) of active announcements by association

Participation of social services

Ask for gifts to RpAs

Social Services Clients are exempt from having to exchange in the «Lonja» (La Palma)

Registrars, agents and web counselors and bidders Assistants have rent, discounts or privileges of use of shared services or things

Participation of libraries and civic centers

Host poster of the web

Orientate on the web

Host bookcrossing

Host bulletin board. Example: Library green (Interlibrary loans and awareness events in this regard: A coruña)

Photocopy and exhibit the bulletin. Example: Initiative of the Xunta de Galicia do «Bulletin of offers of emprego em compostela e arededores» in libraries

Moderate ads

Add ads from other local users

Moderate register of web user (check and add partner data)

Other possible integrations

Discounts for adding shared things in the clean point

Difunde the shared bulletin in its more related communications

Create a shared local for the employees

Let warehouse spaces for donations, loans or workshops and courses

Offers donations or loans collection service

Offers legal advisory services, security and arbitration

Grant to voluntary mediators and users to possible Accidents

Finance project developments (better tools, sustainability of mediators-volunteers)

Publish the loaner things of the institution to other institutions (see: prestogal concellos)

Publish surpluses as gifts and underused things as loans

Public public aid as reg alos condicados en la web

Publica public services of payment as exchanges

Publica a list of tasks or needs of meritocratically remunerable public things. It publishes a list of public tasks or needs of remunerable things with binding character. (Example: bring x thing and do homework or gift for taxes, municipal card reloads Zaragoza, IBI discounts for recycling, retired-unemployed-large family card, basic income)

Accept social currency

Social currency support

Develop social currency

Accept FairCoin

Accept Bitcoin

Cryptomoney backing

Cryptomoney Development

Partido politico adds some proposal in its program

Partido politico adds several proposals in its program

Partido politico adds many proposals in its programApart from in the councils of participation, the compartive can be integrated in depth in the programs of discounts or rents