Free project


WHY: Projects is a way to call a type of want, that will need short, middle and long term tasks to achieve its production stage. Our projects are the meeting up in us of abstract&concrete, past&future and offers&wants. There is a lot to get if we declare such tasks and let them be openly done and or offer swaps for them. There is a lot we can do to facilitate the specification of them as well.


  1. Basic Standards:
  2. 50%+ Shareful ownership (up to GPLed trademark)
  3. 50%+ tends to an Infinity group
  4. 50%+ Free data
  5. 50%+ of Public tasks
  6. Accepts directed donations
  7. Bids 50%+ volunteering wages (if any)
  8. Infinity group: Value of a free project. Affinity group that declares that it tends to infinity


i.e.  Personal incomes

Beyond the maintenance of what we offer, other basic needs are the rents for the maintainers and developers. People who appear as «promoters» (or successors) of the project must be the first to serve as an example of the collective methodology of redistribution of collective resources available.

For example, marc, in his encouragement for the recognition of his personal horizons and for testing the project, has declared that he shares all the assets he has (including his underpants and his money, yes).

«My money is for whom develop at least as much as I share or more»

A possible income in euros would decrease as basic needs are met (and others ..) through the greater availability of things borrowed or donated (what the rented volunteers more will have to help develop…).

The candidacies for basic voluntary income (with euros included) should be as accessible as possible, and bidded if scarce.

1. The more you are in simple life (low consumption) the more options

2. The more you need the more urgent

3. Rewarded tasks (See flovecoin)



GPL Trademark

Register flove as a brand, and apply the GPL license to it.