Free data

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These are the proposed parameters to meassure freedom in data management environtments:

  1. Free Privacy: Secrecy options and education about publicity
  2. Free Network: Backend for storage and service
  3. Free Content: Usability and categorizing
  4. Free Analysis: Crawling and suggestions
  5. Free Culture: Redistribution and impact

Note: They can be applied by parts, but for a more strict overall data freedom metric of a product, they should count as relatives to each other. I.e. if one parameter qualifies as 10% only, the overall qualification could be seen as 10% too. It is better a 50% in all 5 than another with 2 parameters with a 20% + 3 with 90%.


Specifications page for a bit technical overview

Flove army sci-fi literature project about edge scenarios of it