Fears and replies (in offers)

Fears and replies (in offers)

This document exposes interesting conversations about any of the fears that may arise when offering things.



Cram: Nice design, but what is all this about?

Juanito: Look what is there and if you like register to contact or offer things

Mari Puri: Why not decide how you want to share or change things, for that you have the licenses

Uxía: Try it, usability will surprise you, it’s very easy

Encarna: There are many reasons to give, lend or change. Here you have a place to express your wishes

Venetta: Be original, be digital and start lending in 2.0



Cram: Hi, I feel like you want to convince me to do something that you want …

Juanito: Hello Cram, the truth is that in part it’s like that, but you can be sure that we’re never going to press anyone for it.

Mari Puri: We want you to give, lend and exchange, and to resolve your doubts about it

Uxía: Hello! I am Uxía, they have already convinced me 🙂

Encarna: Opening to generosity and gratitude with us, you will open the door of a new world …

Fairy: God forbid me to try to convince anyone. I think you have not got the idea yet.



Cram: Why is it worth to lend things?

Juanito: For saving

Mari Puri: Because agreeing something with someone is easier than it seems

Uxía: For knowing and being better with people

Encarna: Test and you will discover it yourself …



Cram: But why lend so much?

Juanito: I went to try and here you see me …

Mari Puri: Do not lend, make a gift if you don’t want to

Uxía: For disclosing a story and for activating the thing

Encarna: It feels good because almost always goes well



Cram: And change for euros things of the multinationals too, hehe

Juanito: But it forces you to invest a part in ecological or loan projects

Mari Puri: Shared logics are capable of penetrating any medium

Uxía: An additional market for the people who do not want to directly lend or give away seems great

Encarna: Purifying the intention …



Cram: This is completely legal?

Juanito: Legal as life itself

Mari Puri: There are conditions of use on the web.

Uxía: I have not read them, really. But I trust the administrators

Encarna: Apart from legal, it is also quite karmic

Fairy: juajuajua



Cram: And what about my data? How useful are you?

Juanito: You are asked for a minimum, from there, you provide only the ones you want.

Mari Puri: We use the ones you leave us to recommend our best content

Uxía: I like to see profiles of more or less complete users, what I can see a bit who is that person

Encarna: Neither your data nor mine are ours actually …

Fairy: What would you do? What comes to your mind?



Cram: I only participate in things that I know

Juanito: At some point someone would have talked to you about it so you would know about it

Mari Puri: They offer a lot of information about the project itself. In this case, it is quite simple to know it thoroughly

Uxia: I did not know anyone when I started either, and you see me, delighted with it. I have met new people with common interests.

Encarna: Do not be so suspicious, man: there is always a first time for everything. Surely if you talk to your friends in the platform, most likely would join



Cram: I do not want to have anything to do with projects of any kind …

Juanito: No membership card required

Mari Puri: You can advertise with a name that is not yours!

Uxia: Come now! What’s wrong with lending or sharing something with someone? Have you never taken a note in the faculty or have you left something to a neighbor? It is the most normal, but now, adapted to the new times, using the technologies that are available.

Encarna: Even if you pass the projects, some projects do not happen of you.

Fairy: Send?



Cram: I do not know to what people I could lend my things … And if I do not feel comfortable?

Juanito: You do not have to lend anything to someone who does not inspire you the confidence you need

Mari Puri: Our main interest is to facilitate that you feel comfortable trusting someone.

Uxía: Trust yourself, look at your user profile. It may cost you a little at first, but this is like a chain of favors that keeps growing every day more and more …

Encarna: The platform makes sense because there are many people who want to contribute to a more just and open world and therefore collaborate with each other.

Fairy: The main thing in life is to be comfortable as long as possible, whether you lend or not.




Cram: I’m ashamed to show what I can offer

Juanito: I used to give myself a little patience with it at the beginning, but it quickly disappears.

Mari Puri: If you want, I can be the contact between the possible interested ones of what you want to offer.

Uxia: In this platform we simply put objects and services in circulation and thus they are revalued.

Encarna: People, like life, appreciate that you offer things that you are not using and others may need.

Fairy: Trust in you, and you’ll trust others. We are among equals.



Cram: And if they use what I borrowed in a way that bothers me?

Juanito: It would be very strange that this happens on purpose. We usually find careful people around here.

Mari Puri: If you have doubts, ask them to specify a little more. And if what they tell you does not seem right, tell them. No one can force you to lend something if you are not happy with the use that they can give you.

Uxia: It is not convenient for anybody to create problems for the person who lends, because for such a foolishness it could be lost that more people lend them other things that they might need in the future.

Encarna: Look at the positive side, helping someone achieve their goal of a more secure platform will make you feel valued.

Fairy: You can focus on getting things not bothering you or getting bothered less



Cram: And if because i lend all suddenly come a lot of people and mess it all up?

Juanito: Sometimes this is better than not missing

Mari Puri: Do not feel in a mess, choose who to answer and give it the thing

Uxia: The botherers are already used to being late to things …

Encarna: Thank you for succeeding

Fairy: Let’s see, but what are we talking about!?



Cram: And if they start calling me strangers every day?

Juanito: You can choose the way you are contacted.

Mari Puri: You can put a limit of requests, disable or delete the ad whenever you want and I repeat, if you want, I publish it and I manage the contacts.

Uxia: That has not happened to anyone. Once you have contacted enough people, you can disable it.

Encarna: Well, it will be because they are interested in you. That way they will quickly become well-known people of quality, and is not that beautiful?

Fairy: We need to focus on fear of strangers becoming obsolete



Cram: Let’s see if for giving a shirt I’ll have to answer 5 or 6 messages

Juanito: You do not have to answer anyone who contacts you.

Mari Puri: No. It’s easier than that. 4 people contact you, you choose one, that’s done.

Uxia: If someone is asking you too many questions, you can also complain, we are not interested in this type of prankster, if there ever were.

Encarna: A more interest in your offer, more honor for you.

Fairy: Mother of mine. Well yes you have the agenda occupied. Relax a little, right?





Cram: The whole world will know about my poverty …

Juanito: It’s just for others to know how they can help you

Mari Puri: You do not have to publish your demands, you can comment some of them in private to the people who contact you for your exchange offer.

Uxia: If nobody knows what you need, they can not help you as a thank you. Do not you think?

Encarna: Knowing and taking on what you need is the first step to be a little more independent.



Cram: I’m going to discover too much …

Juanito: I see it as an opportunity to put into practice what you know best or like to give

Mari Puri: You can create a new user for the things that you are more embarrassed to post

Uxia: I thought so too, but then I discovered that it was not like that.

Encarna: I agree with Juanito.



Cram: They’re going to tell me that I’m crazy if I put that I demand of that particular thing

Juanito: That goes, the other way around. Original things are a good way to create common strengths

Mari Puri: The apparently crazy things are usually the ones that the users want to use the most. At least, we are all happy to see published curious things.

Uxia: I love seeing strange things published or normal things with rare conditions, I find it super fun to use things that I never used before.

Encarna: Vibrate the fetish amplifies the love that we get to have the thing and things.



Cram: I do not like to ask

Juanito: It’s not asking, you can give away, put some conditions back or change one thing for another.

Mari Puri: It is not necessary to ask for things, you can only offer.

Uxia: Here people are very open to being asked for things.

Encarna: Let’s be coherent, the one who does not cry does not drink breast



Cram: Asking and being rejected makes me feel terrible

Juanito: You may have already given it away or not interested in your offer, it all happens to us, do not stop trying for that.

Mari Puri: You and we all have the right not to respond or not to lend.

Uxía: Be your also open to be told no, that the world is not over because of it.

Encarna: (S)he loses the opportunity of interacting with your talents




Cram: What do I earn by giving something away?

Juanito: If you have things that you do not use and do not want them, why not give them away?

Mari Puri: You make someone else happy who needs it and for that you will be grateful. And you also want to be unconcerned about having to keep something that you were not going to use.

Uxia: I have won a lot of friends giving away things, and I have freed myself of many unnecessary worries.

Encarna: See the movie favors chain, you will see how beautiful it is to have good intentions and how far a simple gift can go.



Cram: And if I need it later?

Juanito: Enter the platform and see if there is one available.

Mari Puri: Well, do not give it away, just lend it.

Uxia: Give it to MyFreedom, or someone you know who also agrees to take care of it and represtrate it later if you need it.

Encarna: Calm man, Karma will reward you in another way.



Cram: I do not want to have to return favors for receiving something for free

Juanito: A gift is not given to you in exchange for, if it is given to you, it is given to you, period. If there are some conditions, fulfilling them is the only thing you have to give before receiving it.

Mari Puri: Once the gift has been received, the person who has given it away can not complain if the conditions that were put before it are not met, nor expect any type of favor to be returned.

Uxía: If the person who gives a gift wants to be given something for it, he should announce it as a loan or exchange.

Encarna: Who gives (gives something for free) is to feel how special it is not to expect anything material in return.



Cram: If I put conditions on a gift they’ll call me interested …

Juanito: Well, I see this as a game. Putting conditions before giving makes it more interesting.

Mari Puri: We’re always going to want something nice to happen to the thing we’re willing to give away.

Uxía: We are all interested in some things more than others, it is good to share these opinions, and through a gift feels super good.

Encarna: He usually sits well detached from things, and stick to desires …



Cram: So that to put wishes to things if they are not going to be binding conditions, I’m stupid?

Juanito: To describe what we would like to happen without waiting or forcing it to happen, and so, if someone sees that he can or wants to help, he has a useful guide on how to do it.

Mari Puri: Apart from accepting the conventional law, some people also believe in karma.

Uxia: For me, respecting wishes is more important than fulfilling the conditions …

Encarna: Because before and after this contract, the tract still exists.




Cram: Deterioration is inevitable and maintenance has its cost

Juanito: Lend it only for as long as you feel comfortable.

Mari Puri: Ask for contribution to use it.

Uxia: The contributions create very original equivalences.

Encarna: Sometimes thinking about controversies requires more mental maintenance.



Cram: That putting of conditions is a mess

Juanito: It’s the way it’s clear to everyone. The more specific, the better.

Mari Puri: All deals have conditions. The deals with few conditions can be more mess …

Uxia: With the conditions you can also play, and when we play, we learn to treat ourselves better.

Encarna: Formality, above all, makes us worthy and responsible with ourselves and creates empathy with our partner.



Cram: Putting conditions makes me look suspicious

Juanito: If you appreciate something, it is normal that you explain that you want to take care of yourself as you would take care of it.

Mari Puri: Let’s be honest with each other.

Uxia: I rather distrust more of who does not put conditions than who puts them.

Encarna: On the contrary, someone who is clear, is testing-trusting that other people will listen to him.



Cram: If I ask for a grant, they’ll call me antisocial

Juanito: If you do not know anything, you need something to grab, it’s normal to ask for a guarantee.

Mari Puri: A guarantee can be given in many ways, from the simple verification of contact address to the coverage of the total material value.

Uxia: The comments of other users about you are your best grants, generates activity and offerors will not ask for grant to you.

Encarna: More antisocial is who by not asking for grant, does not lend.




Cram: You lend a ladder with all your good intentions and it does not come back …

Juanito: The person you lend has to fulfill some guarantees, and if you do not comply with them, then do not lend them.

Mari Puri: Start by asking to be used with you, or not to move it from where it is until you have more confidence with that person. That they give you an grant, comment publicly, contribute … there are so many ways to make sure ….

Uxia: 98% of the lighters that you lend, people return them, and without the need to put special conditions.

Encarna: Everything is here, always was and always will be like that



Cram: And if they hurt me or they break it?

Juanito: If they break it then they can replace it, and if not, you have the mediators who will help you resolve the conflict.

Mari Puri: Do not be ashamed to require grant, lengthen the conversation or not lend it to someone in particular.

Uxia: Accidents may be there, but being still a little more careful is important.

Encarna: And if they improve it, they clean, they fix and they put it to good use? It will create value and awareness.



Cram: And if he cheats because it’s almost broken and then they accuse me of breaking it?

Juanito: Be part of the good faith of the people, then everything can happen, but if you have doubts, comment to the mediators.

Mari Puri: That’s already a very difficult thing to happen to you in the street. And it is still much harder for someone to create a problem like this on this platform.

Uxia: That’s why it’s important that people post photos and that users and things have comments from other users.

Encarna: Well, tell us and we’ll help you compensate.



Cram: If it hurts I’ll end up paying for it …

Juanito: You play your part and be carefree

Mari Puri: On this website, for your offer to be more specified and exposed, you are more protected against possible accidents.

Uxia: Inform well of the precautions that it is necessary to have to use it if it is a dangerous thing

Encarna: It is not worth martyrizing if an accident happens, they are natural events



Cram: And how do I know that a requester is not a bad person?

Juanito: Look at her profile, talk a little more with her and if it does not reach you, disconnect, be gentle and stay with your doubts

Mari Puri: If you do not have it published, you can ask if it has a clinical past that should not be offended.

Uxia: We are already in a bad way with so many things that are underused in our environment, here it serves to improve a bit that.

Encarna: Don’t lend if you don’t feel like



Cram: But what if he lies and his contact, grants and documents are false?

Juanito: If you do not trust, do not share.

Mari Puri: The most likely thing is that she is one of our infiltrators who has worked hard on her 😉

Uxia: That’s not worth it to anyone doing it over here, it would be a more risky stealing for the robber.

Encarna: Who reports on a thief, we give our best gifts.



Cram: And how are mediators going to solve all these possible problems?

Juanito: With your professionalism and with the help of all.

Mari Puri: They have a private inventory of complaints, they can deactivate users on the web, they can contact her by citing her with you, and you can always use the information that you have generated on the web to accompany a more formal complaint.

Uxia: Trust. I know them. They are people with good intentions.

Encarna: The more we are and the happier we are, the less someone is going to have no problems in the thing, because he is going to feel that more things could be lost.




Cram: Like an hour is also a thing?

Juanito: An offer of a thing, an offer of a service … what’s the problem?

Mari Puri: In all the offers of things there is a service of a person, in principle, not calculated. There are also things that need to be put on how much they cost to be served and other offers that do not need more than language, body or more or less expert assistance.

Uxía: Since I put conditions to my hour gifts, they contact me about projects that I like, before it was the other way around.

Encarna: An open hour and then shared as best as possible is often the source of many precious things.



Cram: Exchange my hours is worth, but Gift or Lend my hours is a bit freak…

Juanito: As we put conditions to give things, we put conditions to give hours.

Mari Puri: Whether it’s a gift or a loan sounds a little bit the same, it’s just a personal aesthetic decision of yours.

Uxia: There will be others who repeat session if they like the subject or how you teach it.

Encarna: It is our peculiar interests that we are most willing to transmit.



Cram: If you are so fair, why are not all the hours exchanged equal?

Juanito: Because we believe that it is more fair for each person to choose the value of the hours offered.

Mari Puri: It’s a good starting point for a conversation. Otherwise, we would be forcing that to be negotiated informally. We could even go into the delirium of having to chase it.

Uxía: Since there is a free price and there are no privileged ones, the competition is towards the best, nice and cheap always.

Encarna: I exchange a bit of my kairos-relative time-consciousness in exchange for a chronos-linear time-consciousness of yours.




Cram: How do you want me to offer a course if I do not have a teacher’s degree?

Juanito: If you know the subject and you feel comfortable teaching it is already worth it.

Mari Puri: Course is called when it is more than one training session of the same subject, professional course is if you have certificates that endorse you.

Uxia: There will be others who repeat session if they like the subject or how you teach it.

Encarna: It is our peculiar interests that we are most happy to transmit



Cram: But who can interest me to take a course on Philosophy of Anastacia (the singer)?

Juanito: To me that title makes me want to read the introduction at least

Mari Puri: If your course does not suceed, maybe other users suggest that you build your content in the course of them.

Uxía: I have always liked me a lot the introductions or a session of some of the courses called geek.

Encarna: I take them as a challenge to see how many sessions I can manage to endure .. 🙂



Cram: Once I went to a course that just went to a class and got angry with me and I do not want to

Juanito: It would not be around here the second time

Mari Puri: It would be better if the offeror would have selected to attend x classes.

Uxía: I would comment if you see that she is still angry

Encarna: Hot sometimes comes as an attachment, but in the background is only love out of focus, help it!



Cram: The courses you give are free, doesn’t make you feel slave?

Juanito: It’s about formalizing volunteering a bit, which will always be free

Mari Puri: As we teach, we ask that some part of the project be developed

Uxía: It is much more interesting to learn why you are more attentive and happy to intervene

Encarna: The will, when it goes together, runs the triple!




Cram: Points and reputation to certain things? the value is subjective!

Juanito: What kind of things have value for you?

Mari Puri: Subjectivity is one of the parameters to assess things

Uxía: I value the most the worthing complementary app

Encarna: It’s about being as transparent as possible



Cram: Welcome all to give points that are totally free!

Juanito: Comments and points are free, but points are limited

Mari Puri: The more points you give, the less every point you give is worth

Uxía: The thing about the points vices a bit at the beginning but then it gives a little interesting bit

Encarna: Wishes and grants are worthier



Cram: Offering real things in a video game is not serious …

Juanito: It’s one more way to show a form

Mari Puri: We do take this development very seriously

Uxía: It helps me a lot to explain it

Encarna: This is more like real life




Cram: Why are you asking me to set up a local node if there is not a strong global?

Juanito: In case you were more comfortable sharing in a specific affinity group

Mari Puri: Because we want you to replicate from micro levels, to the macro that feeds them if you want.

Uxía: It’s great, you ride it in a flat, in the uni, for children, in a bar!

Encarna: Globalized locality, localized globalization …



Cram: Associations can be filled with opportunists who then do not participate anymore

Juanito: That each association will know how to handle it easily, if it happens to them

Uxía: In all the associations only a part of the total are actively involved

Encarna: That the association is gentrified! (LOL)



Cram: The institution, if it supports it, the project can lose more than win

Juanito: Libraries work well a long time ago

Mari Puri: The institution has many more and less involved ways of being able to support it

Uxía: I loved seeing that the platform was developed within the council

Encarna: The more agile the institution shares, the better for all





Cram: Those who support you are going to bias the direction of the project

Juanito: The whole tool is free, if you think you can do it better you can clone-fork it

Mari Puri: There is a lot to do on a lot of fronts to complain that we can not do something

Uxía: The last thing that those who support us would want is that we complain about their «false» support

Encarna: Who wants to stop or bother us, will have to carry a big weight in their conscience



Cram: If you do not make sure the maintenance will burn the audience and be vapourware

Juanito: It may happen, but in that case I would see it as an attempt or the evolution of an attempt

Mari Puri: We always have in mind that we need to get into minimum maintenance mode

Uxía: More supports more maintenance and expansion services

Encarna: At least we will always be open to volunteers who want to promote it



Cram: Very collaborative you say but I see several failures …

Juanito: That’s fine, tell us.

Mari Puri: Thank you, the more eyes we see

Uxía: I have been well integrated as a volunteer

Encarna: The more you see is that the more you can get to like it haha



Cram: And if the planned development is the ideas of a man who nobody understands?

Juanito: I do not understand websites or costs but the screenshots that I saw seem well on my way

Mari Puri: Well, we value them and we ask for more documentation about it

Uxía: They already accepted a couple of ideas that I proposed to improve

Encarna: The biggest problem with this development is that it is, perhaps, too planned …



Cram: I have seen a form that is so detailed that it is, it seems to be for beggars

Juanito: Yes, it was my idea. We think about showing from the most basic things to the most accessory

Mari Puri: Superfluous expenses usually start with the most mundane things

Uxía: I was a little embarrassed too, but then I understood that it’s normal, this is not ebay.

Encarna: We still believe too much that we have to pretend to be so rich that …



Cram: So much web so much web … you’re trying to sell a ferrari to a villager …

Juanito: There is someone who is dedicated to improving the web, there is someone who is dedicated to improving communication, etc.

Mari Puri: We constantly learn from experiences and we are doing well to improve all aspects

Uxía: A better web to be less on the web, I think it’s great

Encarna: What an honor it is for us to compare our web with a ferrari … thank you