More mums more sweet, more dadies more sugar


The long term energies we commit for raising kids differences us very much from animals and else.

Love in couples is very related to the feelings that the woman brings to her partner ss a projection of how she will love her (possible uture) kid. Furthermore, there is a very femalish setting of having to hide me being for them «love testers for their love with the kid».

Men can be known fathers because of a woman will in letting them know. Women could also help each other raising kids as well.

Kids being loved very much only by single moms could have their own lacks which more options for him-her having further parents andor family members could fill his-her gaps.

Some part of the life of a Kid depend too much on parents traumas and manias, state laws and how they two share their powers over them.

This crowdparenting model proposes that:

Any infant cares more about being cared and loved by many people rather than having only one or two persons who to love to, and will tend to consider father and mother to the ones who more regularly care about him-her.


Some present and future children could already prefer more open, plural and collaborative settings for the caring of them

Less artificial fertilization by sperm from completely anonymous men and more part time daddies

Microparentings for orphans

For women and men having kids more comfortably

There are also many potential benefits for women. Any women willing to have a kid wants to get assurance from further assistance she will have either for the well growing up of a child. More clear information about it (I.e. grants) should help her more openly partake the rising of a child.

In the bright side of things, there are yet unknown persons who are a very good match for him or her based in their parenting views and promissory commits.

In the less shade side of things..

The broader cultural impact is to decrease hypergamy towards men and female intercompetition.

There are many taboos about motherhood, that need better care. The mother pride and unsecurity about she always being the most important-loved person in the kid life. How much credit could they take from that? How much more of a woman because of more hiding-manipulating what to males?

Gerontophilic complementary dominance needs more sinking in than female virtuous paedophilia bonding power

This female virtuos paedophilia, however interesting get the thread, would however only be an introduction for the following deeper one: The complementary perspective of the vanguard gerontophilic inteligence of the embryo-fetus-kid itself, based in the many evidences at developmental evolutionary biology about the embryologic system being the main functional property of the species.

Mapatrifocality, the direct relationship with the kid needs more valué in evolutionary biology and anthropology.


The CrowdParenting model is an easy form to fill up for declaring the promissory responsability anyone is ready to accept for the parenting of a child, whether it being already here, or for bringing new children to life.

Let’s look for a braver, deeper more meaningful love by showing our hidden cards and be more open to crowdparenting. Why do we do crowdfunding for projected material resources but we don’t do it for the most valueable matter (a child..)?

It is not a pitty for anyone to say he wants to be only 10% father or mother of a child, nor for a couple of parents to tell they need a 10% plus of very strict parentship, nor for a woman to say she doesn’t want the biological father to be her fiancee or involve much in her relationship with the kid, while accepting that the kid should have the right of knowing who his’her real father is through minimal information while (s)he is not grown up and letting them to meet when (s)he will be an adult.

This crowdparenting initiative development basically depends on women willing to go for it. But 1000 men could easily publish commits for completing the raising 10 kids, which could either incentivate some women who are single moms to get some of those offers, andor also incentivate other women to get pregnant.


  1. Link and improve the practices of organizations that offer the receiving of orphans to adults
  2. Incentivate existant parents to promote the shared care of their existing children
  3. Help existant childless couples to go for this way of parenting
  4. Let any single persons to candidate and participate in custom parentship

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