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lend me




Time / Space

use it with me

use it where it is

back after use

back on request

keep it



You can list them posively (only for) or negative (not for).

The thing can only be used by a certain group of people who know or are experts in a particular topic, whether from a place or a culture, have certain common characteristics or act or behave in a certain concrete way. I.e.

Formal association: cooperative, community of neighbors, social center, bar clients, etc …

Informal association: friends, cousins, hobbiistas, etc.

Close means: The requester should show some common link (friend, known, interests) with the offeror.

MyFamily member

Near means: The requester is unknown but shows a string link or he is already more than known for the offeror.

The friends of my friends are my friends

I want to feel that I share values ​​with the people that I relate to

Always more important is the tract, than the contract

Known means: People that the offeror has some reference.

Tell me we have a friend of friend or acquaintance in common

I want you to give me a phone number to contact you

(S)he decides to use this option to be able to afford to ask for a lot of information about unknown applicants.

Granted means: The requester must have a special authentication of their data and / or protection by the offeror against possible accidents.

I need to see your DNI and know your residence adress

I need you to have positive comments from 5 people or a friend in common

I need to cover possible accidental damages with the following formality in the endorsement: symbolic, partial, solidary, formal, notarial

Anyone means: All interested persons are invited to contact.

I do not want to doubt about people

For all, especially for strangers or non-users yet




You can list them posively (only for) or negative (not for)

Common means: The requester has to convince the offeror to actively support the purpose of use that will give the thing.

I’m going to help you develop your projects with your things

I need a lot and I want you to help me develop what I like

Well, he has called me one thing and told me they were waiting for me

Approved means: The offeror must passively endorse the purposes of the requester use

I think you’ll like what I want to do with your thing

I want to be proud of what can be done with my thing

Give me another chance please … I swear not I will smoke again in your house …

Beneficial means: The offeror accepts the use that is going to be given to the thing but does not have to endorse it either

I am going to use it with smokers, because i know you like it

Profit with it, but to finance projects

You’ve given me an idea for a charity event

Improvement means: The requester has to show the offeror that the thing is of high interest to her, or that she can make some improvement to the thing

I want it to be used with the greatest ben possible social efficiency

I want you to lend it free, otherwise rent it for improving it

I am going to send you a sensitive poem to persuade you …

I have an idea of ​​using it for something that you will like

I will return it to you improved

Any purpose means: In principle, it is not necessary for the requester to tell the purpose of its use to the offeror

I prefer that you do not tell me so that way you will be able to use it

Thanks for making it easy

I do not want to deal with the temptation of morality




Contribution means: The requester is requesting a material contribution as condition.

Symbolic contribution: The requester brings something special to use the thing

You must offer something to a third party

You must ask for a chain of favors

You must use or take something extra that I will give you to use this thing

You must re-lend it, especially to people who still do not know the thing

Patrimonial contribution: Supplies needed to use the thing and % of co-offer acquired by the use

Be part of it and your family

If it is yours you will take better care of it

Lend me means: The requester must be predisposed to lend him something of equivalent value to the offeror either simultaneously or later.

Leave your document while using the motorcycle

You will return the favor if I need it

How nice it is to play that we do not exchange but almost ..

Lend means: The requester must show that she is also lending something of equivalent value to some other person with similar conditions.

Look at my activity and reputation

Thanks for the loans you received by remembering those who lent you

Re-lend means: Once used, or while you are using it, lend it to other people as well, to the best of your ability.

I want you, just like you, other people from your confidence can also use it

If someone says you like it, give it to them

If you like it more than you, tell it as I gave it to you and give it to them if you want

Comment means: The requester must give information about the use the offeror requires, including the need for public comment before or after the use.

Be nice

Thank me

Comment when returning

Comment in web

Comment in web with photo in the boomerang application when returning



For non-moving things, these options apply equally, but your choice will also give useful information.

Using it with me means: Using it simultaneously or concurrently with the offeror, or someone you trust

Finish soon that I’m leaving and you have to leave with me

As it’s the first time we try, it’s the most normal

This way I share the experience of lending a lot more

Use it where it is means: If it’s a movable thing, you have to ask permission to move it beyond where you found it.

I do not want to suffer because I’m not having when I want to use it

The washing machine, do not take it

I do lend my house things, but only inside the house

Has to come and stay near where I want to

Return after using means: You could move the thing, but before you take it you have to remember the maximum time returned from the thing once the use is finished.

Take it at the last minute and return it tomorrow morning first thing

After you, give it to the other one who will give it back to me

To be inactive with you, to be with me I will activate it before

Return when I ask for it means: It can be carried and a limit time of use is not established apriori. Whoever takes it is committed to store it and return it in a maximum time to agree.

Keep it and save it well, I’ll contact you soon when I need it

Keep your phone plugged in, you only have a day to return it

Save it means: The requester agrees to store the thing for an indefinite but finite period of time:

I find mantaining it a burden and I would like to be able to use it through some other friend side

I would say it is a gift but I have not dared to do so in case i want it back in some time