Adore you (trustful projected app)

Ask for seeing or touching someone else’s body

WHY: Since it is natural to want to see or touch someone else’s ody, but sometimes such wants are either difficult to express, not transparent or proposed in a too uncomfortable way, Adore you request tuner could maybe help some people sometimes in overcoming some of these possible troubles.

At least, receiving such a request could just cheer up the relation or just a simple conversation, and if so, that should be already considered enough of an achievement for the Adore you app.

Adore you as a name because it emphasizes the sacredness of such close sensorial interactions with each other it wants to smooth and foster.




(.) I don’t want us to mess up further than you

() etc

Let me adore you(.r):

() etc

() breast

(.) naked breast


() my eyes

(.) my hand


(.) I am also open to a previous:

(.) conversation (.) about: (.) whatever you want

(.) find somewhere comfortable where to do it

(.) anything else you may need

(.) I offer you my OwnTrust for you being able to damage my reputation if i fail you by: …


() Please

(.) Would you?

Disclaimer: Agreements are to be kept secret, unless otherwise authorised. Proposals don’t need to be secret, but it is wished to ask for permission to the giver for sharing it with third parties. 

Development Note: «Adore you licenses» should be able to be sent through QRs, as invitations, with diversity of designs and grants, from traceable profiles and with further options to publickly certifying it for a more extended security and simpathy.