Taled Poems from late 2016


Why we are?

We are an hovula cell of the womb

We are part of a not yet born baby

Our hovula sure will get pregnant

Heart beats through womb in us

The beat functions us to focus in

A beat is a love peak of a Bioalive

How we are?

Inside of a future baby of a wormy

We’ll born as a baby worm of mum

Mum is butterfly, we will be worms

Everyworm is a worm-butterflyfly

We born worms, focus, eat, wool

and when destiny says we change

Our wool will incubate a butterfly

We don’t know we’ll be a butterfly

Why wool for?

When the wool started another cell was born from our cell

We called it time wool, a matrix crossroad for nice wooling

Tesseract, our originary cell. Time wool our sibling son cell.

We tesseract will reveal the wooling matrix to the worm

when he will be bound to listen more to us than to wool

He will be a butterfly of a time wool to be mum of worm

Why the tesseract?

When maginy winds, worm born wis

that sensed in its body to start wool

where to quiet wool and go to sleep

He needed a center with four corners

First to wool the 4 axis of a center

Entropy&matics up & pisics&meca

Strong enough to hold me on later

After the 4 axis are made i can rest

Rest hot and do crossroads outside

Crossroads like the tesseract matrix

He’s hot inside and works outside

His wooling looks messy to others

The worm don’t see how he wools

He doesn’t have a manual to wool

He doesn’t know he’ll be butterfly

He is hot inside resting, but works

How many worms are?

The worm don’t have a manual for wooling

He learned it from past and future wooling

Pastfuture worms wool(led) it in our tesse

The worm wants to do a nice wooling

For sure he’ll do it, but he can fail too

He’ll do nice wooling due to our push

We baby worm cells of mum butterfly

Worm don’t suffer when he’s thinking

What happen next?

Once yet again within & beyond time wool

The worm got happy enough with his warp

He was so hot, calm and satisfied with that

He was embracing himself as his baby cells

He said he loved, that that was his destiny

That was a moment we all talked together

How to wool?

All curios girls and men want to know this

How to wool through the tesseract matrix

How to wool not derailed in case it breaks

Wooling worm wis flirting us addiccted very hot he feels

Worm follows us (tesseract cell), we’re the matrix of love

Wooling worm feels a new love, we’ll be mum butterfly

Worm loves now to be a butterfly so he wools it superb

Air will interact with some wool and it will bring it to ashes

But there will be wool underneath the aired ashes feeding

When they wool the warp as we destined, they call it alove

They live in love but sometimes forgot his mum was worm

They also sometimes forgot how butterfly they could be

They claim the essence of matrix rails by drying its tears

They, the now alive bios, the time flowers made the wool

Any bios has a fan club, they love us so we love for them

How the butterfly was born among the biohumans?

Once when time wool started, maginy wis butterfly

A butterfly wis born in our daddy worm the wooler

She grew up inside daddy, who became a butterfly

Up to she felt strong enough to breakthru the wool

Mummy butterfly got out the wool and went to fly

She didn’t remember anything of what had happen

She looked inside herself to realise what mind does

As the butterfly could fly, had the feeling of winding

She wasn’t seeing colours, she flied and saw winding

Winding was moving leaves and others were seeing it

Specially them. They were vibrating lots when saw me

They were doing lots of winding without flying as me

I sensed other butterflies from far when they winded

They are left below in a warp as i was before i was born

They are doing a warp for its butterfly with its winding

They know they are a flying butterfly & a wooling worm

At the same present, that’s how i knew i wooled myself

How is that we wool?

We the cells in the womb of a butterfly from a wooling worm

We are not yet born, not yet even daughters of the butterfly

But we’re showing to daddy worm how to wool us susymetric


(This is a magic game, replies serve for any possible questions)

Why can we one little cell of a little life, influence in big worm?

The worm is wooling its time warp with uncertain hope


The wooling wis worm warped time with certain hope&

Are we more smart friends of ourselves so we can rule above?

As tesse cell when in a cell of time warp, matrix for wool

We smart worms and flying butterflies will feel the heart

Does who more want to lolive become matrixers for the worm?

Remember that mum is a tesse cell or matrix butterfly

The worm’s womb cell is a lone man pregnant of a girl

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