Why this life view?

Why this life view?

Triads are the simplest way, within all the complex ones, to do taxonomies.
Being strict with triads help doing analogies with different lists.

Why such names?

To bring maximum meaning, mininum learning curve and message length.
To integrate parts of related vocabularies (common, scientific, key trends).



Debat, Adapt, Extend

This life view with floves in it is easier to debat, adapt and extend than others


This life view is easy to debate because:

It is appliable:

  1. View this default one and develop yours
  2. The mental effort to do so is low, pleasant and worthy
  3. It can-should be further implemented – tested

It is accessible:

  1. It has well known and very abstract keywords with specified semantics for phrasing
  2. It has a high acceptability potential and it doesn’t have a critical mass for that
  3. Dynamic commenting: Agree, ignore or modify. Rate, rant or even vote it partially

It is limited:

  1. Has a minimum expression and it is scalable but the more you expand it, the less additional meaningffulness it brings
  2. Brings hermeneutic metrics for reviewing past, present and future events
  3. Relies in axioms, other trascendences and faith expresses the remaining



This life view is easy to adapt because:

Can be viewed in simpler views:

  1. Basic views i.e. Life set: resumed default, Basic life: simplified default, flove formula
  2. Partial views i.e. using only some parts of it: gender into dimensions
  3. Other views i.e. use other life views instead

You can add coats:

  1. Translations i.e. Languages, gurmukhi, binary, HASH, etc
  2. Sensorial, hormonal, neuronal, etc expressions
    1. Pictured i.e. colours [1], etc
    2. Multimedia i.e. dance: life qi, sounds: life piano, etc
    3. Other i.e. touch: Massage the darks as in acupuncture, etc
  3. Other aesthetics
    1. Lexic games i.e. cut-up theory, transpoetrics, etc
    2. Other cultures semiotics i.e. animals, art, signs
    3. Add gradients i.e. brighter, lovelier, more idealist, antagonist, gaming, etc to a new word, a partial set or to the full one

You can further define any part by adding:

  1. Copies
  2. External vibrations
  3. Paths to family and others (see family phrases, phrasing)



The life view can be easily extended because:

It can have further triads (or analogies) for:

  1. Process, ranks and parts
  2. Dimensions i.e. exchange
  3. Vibrations i.e. lovely childs, external vibrations, Life32

It can be networked by:

  1. Comparing personal views i.e. life viewer end, etc
  2. Crowdsourcing this and your own view i.e. see crowdlife
  3. Using it for a local or social purpose i.e. minimum of 50% of flove or life view matching in order to..

It has a lot to improve by extending:

  1. Transcendence i.e. axioms, etiology, talks and faith
  2. Heuristic
    1. Hermeneutic i.e. improve metrics
    2. Modelling (improve the mindmaps
    3. Implementations i.e. improve flove.org, liberada.net, etc
  3. Format
    1. Documentation i.e. whitepaper, wiki, news
    2. Interactivity i.e. API, apps, services
    3. Architecture i.e. make it more decentralised

See more: Theory