Why flove

Love is a jewel we have inside, that have to be giving it to others too. When we success giving it, we love ourselves more. Achieving it is not as easy as it is being said, we have to be evolving Love always. We need to be dealing with its disputes in our own fictions we play it first in, to display some to other people later.

This whole can only be primarily lovely, flove.org wants to clarify it

There is a common ground that we tend to feel more while, paradoxically, we are also getting further distracted from it with the many more new shapes that constantly further complexize our living. Also, everything constantly simplifies and there has to be some uncertainity, everywhere, always.

We all view a whole and probably noone has it more ordered than another. Whoever believes his-her view is more clear, simpler or more complex than another will need to remind that for the whole to have a stable order, the more that anyone knows, the more (s)he has to unknow too, for the whole displaying its dynamism along. 

Having said that, everyone uses different symbolic items for (un)knowing. However, it is very enriching when we mean very similar things with the same outer vocabularies either made up of forms, symbols, words and small networks of them. The thrilling part here is that despite our varieties for relating things with other different things, everyone connects to other related people with a similar and small sets of keywords in the end.

Matches happen because they offer a novel way for both interactors to see themselves related to an relation that was missing for both while they both guessed such relation to be very broadly known some and or long time ago. If that old mirrored agreement from a present shared sensation between two people was going to be a face gesture, surely it wis gonna be a bidirectional smile, if it wis a lonely word, probably it will be Love… Or can you falsify is it not?

Love is so greatly used because it gives us a great flexibility for its meaning. Meaning depends on the relation, where the subjectivity that interprets it it’s its default node.

All what is expressed magnifies and relies in some underlying and simplifiable network of Signs, Words, Values, Fundamentals, Principles, Laws, Loves, … . Defining and ordering our main values (laws, loves) may imply a lot of effort of thinking and researching, which finally depends on concepts (meaningful words) and their endless referring to other concepts (network).

The higher the titling, the more the naming (election of words) matter, just because titles (primers..) are a big reductionism (concentration effort) that very obviously influence all the child items they will contain. For example, surely you won’t have the same life sensations if you choose Love rather or upper than Existence as one of your limited favourite words… .

Flove, as the unique begineer, higher ranked word in the ontology, domain andor title for this project still bets for more depth than the word Love itself, because not any word can be defined by itself. Every word needs another to relate to, and if you don’t use any one more, is because you are pretending to be the pole of such word.

It will be hard to have some other word more open to be defined than word flove (the flow of love). Flove help us, in a way to whoever wants to feel it as so, as a closer word to refer to the monopole tension, primer monad, pan(en)theistic aether, singular void, the ultimate source of the unknown intentionality, a messianic god(dess) thruth or however else you want to call the whatever that pumps and gets all relations connected and evolvable from the common ground up to where we are.

Flove as not only the biggest emergent beginneer constante, it’s also our vanguard material reflection of it. Flove as a source is directly poled with of our simplified and more knowable Lovings, probably a better way to describe our prescriptive notion of lovely or really good (andor not too bad really).

The Good vs Love debate exemplifies that noone never knows when a new word helps in defining some source or messes it more than it was previously defined. Here at flove.org project we will use Lovely for what normally is called Good in the more landed side of it.

Also, we are taking Flove (andor lovely) as a better synonim for Fine (tunning), which here we will be framing it as one (main) hipotethical teleological perspective (MetaLove) with scalable polarities (best stand within ontological plurism) (meta)applied for whatever (keypairs) definitions.

Flove.org is looking for fine-lovely defining the lovelier-better-worthier words, specially through practices.

This flove.org project aims to simplify your viewing and enjoying of how all is hyperconnected through Loves and their childs because that let us order ourselves and the whole much more flexibly than the more rushier bipolarity of Good&Bad Value, and more concisely than the ambiguos Fine (tunning) .

There is some more or less loveliness in the overall intentionalities of everyone, as loveliness (finely tunned design…) is one of the hipothetical teleological stands. To call Lovely a possible view of the root of us all instead of Fine is not wishful, it’s rather a better way to more directly associate the fine tunning hipothesis (the more abstract possible Love) with what we consider good (the more concrete Love).

The hard part to swallow there is to consider Fatalist tunning (andor Random tunning) as important complementary pole of Lovely tunning, as Bad is to Good.

We have to respect and flow as much as we could the possible intentionality of «All This Whole Because of (F)love» as a possible reply for the genesiacal design purpose we are questioning ourselves, regardless of other more fatalist interpretations of that or any other indeterministic or antideterministic perspectives we may also have to feed to, at least during 50% of our time alive… .

The possibility of flove tunning is not falsified, and we all like to love and be more practically well loved, so in our present moment, all the technological developments we have available bring us a lovely-good opportunity (andor duty) for more easily pumping further lovingness while we are alive (as an honouring reflection of our refracted source), so we should andor it shouldn’t be a problem to further standarize and mechanize those types of interactions.

As a starter or default pack to play with, flove.org offers you its own reduced lists of floves in all the reduced layers of life for you contrasting your own ones with them. Thereafter you will be sugested to define the flove there is between any two words from your more lists of them, specially by focusing in the more practical sides of the definitions (for falsibiality and joy sake), which to serve as initial specifications for apps that could automatize such theoretically proposed practices.

Feel invited to discover yourself further, to get more peace (and thrill) of mind and so be more able to have a more meaningful interaction with someone else andor contribute more efficiently to a better (< lovelier…) society overall at the same time.

See more in this videotutorial (28 mins) for a more guided justification and hinted debates about this project, here

What does Love mean? Many bonds ever still…