Why flove

This whole can only be primarily lovely, flove.org wants to clarify it

There is a common ground that we tend to see more. It is in a very old known treasure like form, that we are getting further distracted from it with the many more new shapes that constantly complexize our lifes. We all view a whole and probably noone has it more ordered than another because everything simplifies constantly. Who believes his-her view is more clear or more complex than another will need to remind that for the whole to have a stable order, the more that anyone knows, the more (s)he has to unknow too, for the whole displaying its dynamism along.

Everyone uses different symbolic items for (un)knowing. However, it is very enriching when we mean very similar things with the same outer forms, symbols, words… networks of them!… . Despite our varieties of relating things with other things, everyone connects to some related others with them in the end. Matches happen because they offer a novel way for both interactors to see themselves related to a relation that was very broadly known some and or long time ago. If that old agreement that a present shared sensation between two people is mirroring was going to be a face gesture surely, it wis gonna be a smile and or a wink, if it wis a lonely word, probably it will be Love. Yes, Love, why not Love as our unique beginneer?

All what is expressed magnifies (relies in) some underlying and simplifiable network of Words, Values, Principles, Laws, Loves, … . Defining and ordering our main values (laws, loves) may imply a lot of effort of thinking and researching, which finally depends on concepts (meaningful words) and their endless referring to other concepts. The higher the titling, the more the words matter, just because titles (primers..) are a big reduction (concentration effort), that very obviously influence all the child items they will contain.

Flove word is a proposal of a better title for the whole. It help us, in a way to whoever wants to feel it as so, as a closer word to refer to the Universal or unconditional love, monopole tension, primer monad, pan(en)theistic aether, singular void, the ultimate source of the unknown intentionality, a messianic god(dess) thruth or however else you want to call the whatever that pumps and gets all relations connected and evolvable from the common ground up to where we are. Flove is not only the biggest beginneer, it is a pole of our simplified Lovings. Our lovings, our prescriptive notion of lovely or really good (or not too bad really), are the ultimate and grounded side of the more universal and abstract Flove. There aren’t better surroundings poles than these in Earth, ;).

Attaching to the joy of the simplex ways for continuos crowdloving

This flove.org project aims to simplify your viewing and enjoying of how all is hyperconnected through Loves, because Lovelies and their childs (Far lovelies its main) let us order ourselves and the whole much more flexibly than the more rushier bipolarity of Good&Bad (or else).

The choice of Flove as begineer bring us a closer guide for defining further the better (< lovelier) bits that we enjoy in our livings.

There is some more or less loveliness in the overall intentionalities of everyone, as loveliness (fine… design) is one of the hipothetical teleological stands. We have to respect and flow as much as we could the possible intentionality of «Because of Flove» at the genesiacal design (fine tunning = flove tunning) purpose, regardless of other more fatalist interpretations of that or any other indeterministic or antideterministic perspectives we may also have.

The possibility of flove tunning is not falsified, so it is the best opportunity and or duty we have to pump further lovingness while we are alive, so we should and or it shouldn’t be a problem to further mechanize that.

Flove.org offers you its own reduced lists of loves (scopes of life) for you initially contrasting your own ones with them. Floves are also used as aggrupators titles for a limited set of entangled apps for everyone getting to easily enjoy more interactive Lovings.

Feel invited to discover yourself further to get more peace (and thrill) of mind with the flove flows, and so be more able to have a more meaningful interaction with someone else andor contribute more efficiently to a better (< lovelier…) society overall.

See more in this videotutorial (28 mins) for a more guided justification and hinted debates about this project, here

What does Love mean? Many bonds ever still…