Why flove

Because such this continuum worth

A simplex semantic & epistemologic (metatheoretical…) methodology

For crowdsourcing meaningfulness(es) better

We all view a whole and have a common sense of what is good and or what is bad, the more or less ordered.

Flove aims to help you order so by simplifying your viewing of how all is hyperconnected, from your more favourite and very little bits.

Defining our main values implies a lot of effort of thinking and researching, which finally depends on concepts and their endless referring to other concepts. This flove.org project aims to leverage our difficulties in doing so, because when we get to picture our more stable wholistic view, there is an awakening in us of a personal achievement of getting to feel more the inmensity (and simplifiability) of nature.


Discover yourself further to get more peace of mind and so be more able to have a more meaningful conversation with someone else. Worry less about how the big or main picture is ordered. The clearer (lighter, coded, modular, etc) your view of the whole is, the more easy and fruitful acts will follow, just because theory&practice can´t be really isolated from each other.


See this videotutorial (28 mins) for a philosophical justification and the derivated scopes to focus the development on, here

See a complementary shorter one (10 mins) about Semantics&Hierarchies, here.


For a further longer (also messier) theoretical explanation, listen to this this audiopresentation (1 hour) explaining this diagram.


For a more practical approach, see the Love page for a demonstration of what are the main features to achieve to make it more interactive.

All other videos, here (for now mostly about minimaths)




Flove word help us, in a way, to whoever wants to feel it as so, as a closer word to refer to (and bipole) the Universal or unconditional love, monopole tension, primer monad, aether BiPantheism, God(dess), void singularity, the Unknown intention, or however else you want to call the whatever that pumps and gets all relations connected and evolvable. Also, in a complementary sense more rationally grounded speaking, flove is the notion of lovely or really good (or not too bad really) (a moral aesthetic, scaled from – refLecting a teleology) seen in whatever of the reduceable scopes of life.

So the choice of flove as begineer help us in defining further the better bits that we enjoy in our existence (while also paying attention to their shades), because is at every titling where words matters more, because titles decisively influence the child items they contain.



Floves: a prototypal reduced list of concepts for describing a whole. It is useful as a project guide to rank what (how much % of attention) to focus on developing more core and or more modular applications. It is important to note here that since any view of the whole is to be dynamic (not to be set on stone), this floves taxonomy is just a default for you to edit it (for having a conversation with me), me aiming with that to develop altogether a more clear overall consensus about our wholes.