A very easy and deep philosophical mechanism and default contents for better contrasting your own ones, for modelling practices and for filling up prototype(s)


My development scopes are:

*Full view: Dual and triad semantics of a whole

*Book: Dual constants theoretical explanation

*Models: Justification of implementation estrategy, proofs-of-concepts, mindmaps, diagrams and mockups (for developing key interactive apps**)

*Other presentations: Website, accessory documents, design**, advertisement, marketing, community engagement

*Prototypes: Code download repository**, mantaining and developing demos and more stable implementations


**I can’t do it myself



Mechanism and default contents, models and prototypes

Flove brings a methodology for expressing and merging opposites and complementaries in diads and triads and explain them (See more why: Fuzzy) (See language specification apps).

Despite this flove mechanism is not yet developed to offer more crowdsourced featuring of itself, i have been manually adding specific contents to it i.e. a minimal and graded set of the more meaningful words which are placed in a fully triadic full view (in a wiki), a versioned book with nested dual constants explanations, and modular models to be hosted and practiced in a prototype that i think should be flove.org itself as well.



The ultimate scopes maybe

At a technical level:

The more perfect action could be a best recommendation in the more simple and deep mechanism

At a theoretical level:

The more perfect explanation should be a book that defines merged the most important duals (and triads) of a full view. I.e. lovelies and far lovelies as main chapters and their bright and shades as subchapters of such a book.

However, this is not the only posible outcome for phrasing the most or a very coherent explanation of everythings. One could prefer to merge diads which are 1.3.3 with 2.3.3, or 1.2.2 with 1.2.3, or 1.2.2 with 1.3.2 and so on and chapterize a also a very perfect book with this logic. It could also be done wilder, as i am doing. The chapterization (explained dual constants) of the Book (Version 1.6) follow very litlle the full view grid categorization or keywords (triad podiums). Maybe in the future i’ll try to make a book version perfectly aligned with the grid full view, maybe not. Someone should definetely try, we could see it very easily done through LoL and Viewer apps (once they will be technically developed and released…).


See also: How