A very easy and deep philosophical mechanism and refined default contents for better contrasting yours, for modelling practices and for filling up prototype(s)

My development scopes are:

*Full view: Dual and triad semantics

*Book: Dual and triad constants explanations

*Models: Justification of estrategy, mindmaps, diagrams and mockups (for developing key interactive apps**)

*Other presentations: Website, documents, advertisement, design**

*Prototypes: Repository, Demos implementations (not much there yet..)


**I can’t develop it myself



Mechanism and default contents, models and prototypes

Flove brings a methodology for expressing and merging opposites and complementaries in diads and triads and explain them (See more why: Fuzzy) (See language specification apps).

Despite this flove mechanism is not yet developed to offer more crowdsourced featuring, i have been manually adding specific contents to it i.e. a minimal and graded set of the more meaningful words which are placed in a fully triadic full view, a book with manually nested dual constants and modular models to be hosted and practiced in a prototype that i think should be flove.org itself.



The ultimate scopes maybe

At a technical level:

The more perfect action could be a best recommendation in the more simple and deep mechanism

At a theoretical level:

The more perfect explanation should be a book that defines merged the most important duals (and triads) of a full view

I.e. lovelies and far lovelies as main chapters and their bright and shades as subchapters of such a book.

However, this is not the only posible outcome for phrasing a very coherent explanation of everythings. One could prefer to merge diads which are 1.3.3 with 2.3.3, or 1.2.2 with 1.2.3, or 1.2.2 with 1.3.2 and so on and chapterize a also a very perfect book with them.

It could also be done wilder, as i am doing. The chapterization (explained dual constants) of the Book follow very litlle the table categorization or keywords (triad podiums). Maybe in the future i’ll try to make a book version perfectly aligned with the full view, maybe not. Someone should definetely try, we could see it very easily done through LoL and Viewer apps.



See also: How