VIEWER (Projected app)

You Rank Floves 

WHY: As more words you structure with an automated process, the more you can view your whole. 

The thousands of words we know rely in a small world of them to get to each other.

There are sets of words which their ranks get to a stable point. This is the case for this core small world of words of us. That’s, in part, why we use the word keyword.

Keywords compared to not that much key words or keywords ranks don’t deny their relativity. Keying words is rather a big evidence for the finetuning of relativistic mechanics.

A simple way to distinguish ranks (andor finetuning) within words is by the ammount of recurrence they come to one’s mind. The upper ones are the ones felt as a comfortable label for the container of our words as a whole.

We can call (key) keywords (keypairs..) to these words.

Some people could prefer to rely in phrases – mantras – memes (instead of keywords) for their small world core, but these could still be simplified into keywords (relations). 


WHAT: Nest groups of concepts, order a broader view of the whole. Get interpretations of your view by comparing it to another view (here my Floves, a proposed default set to agree to and or to fork them on).


HOW: Rank these triads in podiums:

  1. Love, Wisdom, Joy
  2. Social, Local, Personal
  3. Exchange, Gift, Lend
  4. Extraction, Offer, Manufacture

And then:

1. See you basic life view and analogies on it.

2. Have an analised comparison with the default view.


Additional information

Since all views are equally true, this comparison is not about if you are right or have scored more points, it just should bring you some more insight about the perspective of your view. Your own view probably doesn’t match with the offered default and in another momment you could feel it different

But since i feel very stable my set (this flove default view: machine offered keywords to rank), i (the projected app) can identify patterns in anyone’s life view, example:

(S)he is putting 3rds as seconds, so we (machine) could suggest further 3rds as seconds for reinforcement andor for pushing for a balance with overflowing (choose to show a lot of triads formed per popular thirds only)



Free analysis of choice:






More triads (See a manual fullview)    


Final results pages ould serve for

Apps launchers: