Get all main documents at this DOWNLOAD PAGE

To find there:

1. (Hand written) Mockups  (most are about, that was not rented yet when i did them).

2. Direct link to .pdf only. Theoretical Prototypal Dump (v1.9) out of the bictiopedia standard. Main areas are explained mostly in English, Dimorphism chapter more in spanish

A finer theorizing should produce finer practices too, because a bad practice has a bad theorizing as root of it… doesn’t it?

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Souls (Good quality digital mockups of an app featuring an easy entrance to the interactive planned world)

Specifications page, paper: here (Old texts but many more mockups in there)

Old v1.8 Theoretical Dump (with many texts that i didn’t include nor review for the 1.9 but will do for next versions), here



Videos (10 of them, homemade) for short introductions to main theoretical aspects (half about flove, half about my mathy experiments).

Math (or maybe) for sketches and diagrams done with the purer math possible (Last updated 11/20) (Warning: I’m a very informal Mather…)


Warning: Very Love OR Hate content for a theory (with some demo songs) and videotutorials) of a special technique focused in the sincopa and a sensorial addon to the playing of guitar (and related instruments) in a more dilution focused way (I don’t know chords, but i feel the play a lot, only in this way).

Covers tweaked with some promos and as a tribute of the culture of fork what reaches your passion, because your love for that could substitute your lack of not having a background theoretical technique for that (I sing bad, but i interpret well, specially because i adapt the lyrics and somewhat improve bits on those famous songs with my such passion)