Review of Zhang’s Bipolar Fuzzy logic

«With the new geometry, bipolar quantum entanglement can be logically defined; space and time can be the result of quantum agent interaction; emotional intelligence can be included in the general category of quantum intelligence»

Good, but he later contradicts himself with:

«Bipolar reciprocal interactions created spacetime and caused all changes in the universe but not vice versa»

Wrong, why not that is nature-man, and epigenetics is the man-nature retrocausality phrased in the Participatory Anthropic Principle?. Furthermore in this sense and very curiously, he himself cites his own mistake, as he bugs on Bohr’s same mistake:

«Yin and Yang in general are the most fundamental opposites of nature, but man and woman, space and time, particle and wave, truth and falsity are not exactly bipolar opposites.»

«…This could be the reason why Bohr found causal description of a quantum process unattainable and we have to content ourselves with particle-wave complementary descriptions. It may also be the ultimate reason why modern physics so far failed to find a definitive battleground for quantum gravity.»

So oh, if man and woman or else are not governed by YinYang Bipolarity, there is no Holism in the theory, Man-Nature is anthropocentric and not reciprocal to Nature-Man. More basically speaking, he uncoherently says that there is a top down harmony, which has not the down-to-top integral expression. So very obvious fuzzy clarifying conceptual pairing as «Complex simplicity», «Effected cause», or else, have to be seen separated one from another, as he sees an equilibrium of «subjective essences» like cooperation-competition, but doesn’t want to see the pair as a reciprocal constant of «cooperative competition» and «competitive cooperation».

He also does a very poor simplification of a minimal general integral ontology of pairs, and doesn’t even consider how they scale up to triads. So, this lack of integrality, minimal scalable wholeness with its daily life models is what we try to add with this project on the top of what he and others have developed.

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