Review of Dance with Shiva

From the «dance with shiva» article

«The woman holds the power of the odic force field. The man holds the power of the actinic force field»

Shouldn’t it be more generalized into «genders flows» (my femenine yin in my man body..)? into bodies that have a specific mania of focusing more in one of those two energies?.

I have one additional doubt, i thought upper chakras belonged more to «outer reasoning» (more maleness energy), and bottom ones are more «inner souly» (more femenine), so in this sense, it should be opposite as what is said in the paper.

The funny fact, is this still right, is that by anologing chakras 2 forces to 2 bodies in an opposite way of the one your body has the mania with, gets into a «no deep experience» but at least raises a good push for complementarity for both maniatic bodies. But i suspect this was phrased this way not for that, but for patriarcal reasons instead, as shown by different teisms who wanted to take away the actinic-centered hylozoism, animism and even paganisms which felt for men, not men-centered and so revolved, btw very intelligently i would say, to finally put us in the situation where we have to decompile such misguidedness or partiality, for integrate it further, in a redeemed view of history of it which finaly would be more really actinodic.

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