Public tasks

Public tasks is a listing of things needed to be done within a group – project – community for improving it according to their objectives which everyone, being a member or not, is allowed unrestrictedly to do it – them.

Recommendation: Public tasks listing should be available to the public in all posible ways at cost on request.

We should be looking to aggregate and display all the public tasks with this declared intention, and perhaps direct some funding to those if all endogamic tasks are not worthier to be done at the moment.


Endogamic tasks maintaining is the first universal and more public task to achieve tasks have to be the better example of this trend. Transitory tasks for maintaining and improving the whole of are one needed minimum to be considered as a type of tasks to be acknowledged by a flovechain. This will be the final joint effort for both replying How to crowdsource a cryptochain or the whole of flove itself?


Funding external public tasks

With donated freed hours, we could refine tactics of local effectivism for the personal, local and social tasks that increase pleasant living and collective intelligence in a more healthier environment.

Besides customizing and tactics of local effectivism, MyFreedom should look for originality and equity when funding tasks (i.e. the most unnatended and necessary possible tasks that more care about the environtment whether due to ecocide or human rights abuse, offered to be done by the less funded one already).