Personal Being


Being is the lovely expression of personal flove




Play with the animal in you




Order your mind, see how you view the whole



Merge opposites and complements and explain them



Open astro

Publish your birth date to find action recommendations based on different astrologies and their analogies with closer taxonomies.



Create and do tests, know yourself more and enhace your profile and recommendations



Program the way you want to die and things you want to happen after that





It’s good not to use so much machinery to make it up

(If I know that later I will be able to use it …) I will lend it without more

(You are not using it, I am good enough for you…) would you lend it to me?

The personal rational, the debate about «what is being», the question of specifying which mechanics will facilitate «how to be a better person» is the most difficult and infinite intellectual task that can possibly be carried out. At the same time, the personal is the most suitable space from which to promote functionalities that decisively affect all other lower scopes of life. I.e.:

A social network can be developed from the «portfolio as a platform» approach (dapps from ethereum or even with the focus on the field of exchange), «messenger as a platform» (wechat in China, status in ethereum with the focus at the local level), «groups as a platform» (activist networks with a local-social focus) … but we only need to look at the reality of today to see who really convinces more users to contribute content on their platform they are twiter and facebook (or snapchat) with their «Profile as a platform» (focus on the personal).

But still, these personal-centric networks have their shortcomings. Both continue spinning their focus from the personal primary to the local secondary (easy-to-find friends-followers), but as they are not interested in deepening that these relationships materialize much in real life (Facebook does not care that the groups be «strong», twitter does not have, both seem that this does not suit them), do not reinforce the localities and deliberately lose the link of the local secondary with the social and material tertiary (do not want to open as a project either). This is the deep reason why there is very little use of the facebook market (although its usability is quite central) and why both generate the false sense of local development or social impact (the many likes, comments or trending topics affect very little vinculántemente talking to non-virtual reality), beyond as a means of dissemination of the most momentary present, which in the end are the most qualitative.


Nomad profiles

In our secure and exportable profile you can dump your facebook or twitter profiles and your old blogs, and create custom categories for those contents.

We want to offer the freest profile base for your free data, while we also want you to be able to interconnect it easily with other non-free platforms you might be using nowadays. There are growing communities such as and closed source applications such as going in that direction.

Other more specific organizations promote added values to those such as how plans doing. Also, on the freer side of applications, there are several examples of free networks (some more scalable than others) where to have a profile base but they haven’t developed much the portability, the importing of external contents and analysing very much.

See more concrete models for Personal Being in the submenu elements, see more: MySelf apps