ORI is an acronym for 1 hour credit of a personal non-specialized assistance from the free issuer useful for freely equivale and back it with any resource.

Recommendation: Use -ORI as a suffix or your value. Default: 1 hour of the minimum official wage of where it is used



Possible addons

*Additionally backed (A virtual or factual full owntrust for the holder, with currencies)

*Freely makeable with (full) owntrusts

*Worth for the flovechain

*Worth for compensating with public tasks 

*Worth for forking parties (taking the best value from the assistant hour)


*FriendORI (ORI within web of trusts chains), etc



Why -ORI acronyming

*Acronyming hour to hr is not human-readable

*Other acronyms containing vocals different than the ori one don’t include one letter of each syllabe ho-ur

*Adding the “i” as if it was the roman number 1 (I) is desingly traceable

*It is lovely for using it as a suffix (-ori) for whatever channel used after (i.e. gamori: gaming hours)




OU and-or IOU


As an alternative

*Pro: Sounds like “owe you”, the association of hour with exchangeable value will be more straight

*Con: All “ou” common expressions , it could also cause debit confusing with credit


As a complement