The simplicity of adding your date of birth could already tell a lot about yourself


The more minimal data that can produce the more analises (whether you consider them reliable or not) are the adding of your date of birth and let it be interpreted by different astrologies.

Pseudorandom relationing analisis is the main default and more powerful analiser in this sense because it gets whatever data and relates to whatever other data with the more minimal algorithm. Despite its apparent banality, some peers could find this the more special analisis due to the less intervention it does to the data it uses to do its analitical recommendation.

Pseudorandom analisis don’t ask for any specific data, since it gives the same value to whatever type of (higher or lesser) standarized data within a system.

Astrological relationing is different in the sense that only asks for a simplistic date of birth data input (this is why it could look very banal for many people), for exploring it with highly loaded and rigid ontologies to showcase a final analisis.

Different astrologies have different ontologies and vocabularies. There is not a more perfect astrology than another. The most known ones have indeed some their ontological sources more clear and developed than less known ones, but someone could still prefer some less developed astrology instead of another due to his-her local cultural heritage, andor because (s)he likes more the ontological sources andor vocabularies aesthetics.

There are some common estructures and keywords that can be translated from one astrology to another, while there is little effort done in this direction.

There is a permanent trend in theology to adapt existing documentation created time ago to the present days one is living in. Also, there could be initiatives like the Baha’i faith that tries to pack commonalities from the more famous religions into a new simplified one, but there has not been a similar strong attempt to do that to-with astrologies themselves.



Translate-associate-adapt the more mystical vocabularies from ABC astrologi(es) into more practical task making categories, for peers getting information and actions recommendations based in these adapted astrological analizings of your Date of birth.



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