Logic is a mechanicism for raising the value of proposals. Any logic is within an underlying Ontology, which has a Bias (Casual Moral Intentionality), that has to thread on (as a macro love scale) of the Deterministic Uncertainity natural (Causal Teleological Intentionality) (micro love) base. Whatever proposal is estructured and finally reduceable with the more basic Semantics (…).

Giving value to theoretical proposals is the pursue of Truth (only a companion, but best, of Love), which is bestly achieved with falsiable practices. The less you rely in the excluded middle principle for stating your (justified, infalsifiable, ultimate, …) (lovely…) Truth, the more holistic you need to bring your Theorizing effort (Logic necessarily be Metalogic) and the more you have to include your own practice of it (Logic is necessarily Phenomenology). One could try making the pack look like Epistemology (so called Empiric Science) in a formal manner, or you can more informally call it Nudge theorizing. Just do not equalize-confuse-nudge to Formality too much, nor pretend that your (whatever logic) formality is not fuzzy and bipolarly scalar. Formality is just whatever outcome of an amorphous, which is primary to it. Only their relation is the partly achievable Truth.

More important than this flawing review, is the patch that either way you think you are starting or focusing more with to keep threading has some pros and some cons that you are forced to balance. Thus Metatheory seems a finer formality for the flove methodology than NeoEpistemology (or else…) for any theorizing on it (the paper to download here is a demonstration-dump of within it), where the more informal slogan of Theorizing holism further with the flove way could be its TwinPair. But nevermind, whatever the momenta you will be in… pragmatism will rule!

As a resume, i specified the flove metatheoretical framework to be able to be easily reviewed and crowdsourced and for tunning proposals towards high very practicities (easily implementable in apps), (secured by framing them as the middle of predictions and challenges and introduced with axioms and falsifiability evidences) within it for levering the gap between love&truth, theory&practice, informal&formal …