I am the author of this website. Marc is my name. I am around 40 years old, and mostly based around the east side of the Iberic Peninsula.

I am an easy-going person who prefer to talk joking and digg into deep issues in my daily life and or remain calm meanwhile and or otherwise. I have been studying and travelling always on my own since «adulthood», and started to get obsessed with wiki edits and diagrams around 2003. Now since a couple or three years ago i have concentrated my heat in writing a book about the flove theory and other kind of very humble presentations of it, like this website and others briefings in spanish.

I hope for the documents i am everyday evolving to help me explain it all better and bring more people on board into the project, since i am not able to theorize further without having more conversations, nor i am capable of doing programming or design by myself. Lastly and not less importantly, i also feel very lazy with marketings, fundings and related formal communication strategies, so… enjoy the visit, expect improvements, see you around!