Marc is my name. I am 40+ years old, and mostly based around the east side of the Iberic Peninsula, but very nomad overall. is my life-long project.

I started to get obsessed with wiki edits and diagrams around 2003. Now since 2017 i have concentrated my heat in defining bipolar+ constants (see theory).

I am quite informal overall, but i am very strict with taxonomies and axioms. This makes me very sharp and smooth at the more fundamental issues at whichever field of knowledge, but i can’t digg in all what i would love to nor I don’t have much achademical background (and patience..) and, specially, i am not cool enough at messaging to (most) people. On the top of that, i am not able of handling much of the maths, programming, graphic design or marketing… that are much needed for developing the apps that will make this flove project thrive faster.

So bring your arts on board if you want more flove. List of tasks, here.

N joy the visit, expect improvements, see you around!