What is Love?


Is it the opposite of…



An opposite pole of a bipole have more bipoles:


All bipoles can be merged in a single expression and the positivity can have other kind of poles: Complementary poles:



A soft complementarity in between oppposites gives more sense to the concept, and can be further redunded:


But despite all this, Love is yet or even better in yet one more important place with its more complementary word maybe:

(Flove makes it redundant as pole of Void. Personal Being is already enough as opposite pole of Fear)




It can be in a triad:




1 triad = 2 bipoles:




Test the triad order with retrogradity and choose (let’s consensuate..) the one that makes more sense in both directions:



Let’s see one yet one more accurate extension. +Hot complemente:



+Cold complement and one soft opposite related to its complement:



One yet more negative opposite one and two polarities for them two