Life viewer


Life viewer is an app for facilitating the expression of your life view step-by-step, which later you could contrast it with a default one, for learning about floves hierarchies and launching other flove apps.

The test starts offline. It only asks you to choose one title, and then order 3 lists of 3 words within a podium. The other two lists for the basic stage would be:

Social, personal, local

Exchange, lend, gift

Then we can offer as many lists as you want in further stages, that finally have to be hierarchically ordered as well.



Once you end the basic test, you could see you basic life view and have an analised comparision with the default view. This comparision should bring you some more insight about the perspective of your view i.e. 

-Was it how you see it now yourself

-Was it how all we see it naturally?

-Was it how you wish it would be?

You could change the default words yourself or add new ones related to any. Also, if you decide to upload your life view in a free network, you could see others having an exact or a very complementary view to yours.

Finally, the collective results from all views would be the truest life view, while results within a group could also be interpreted as their (own tactical) collective life view.



Is there a natural right? let’s put it to the test, refine it with the visions of each one.

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Life viewer should serve us for the launching of MyFlove apps, since each flove represents a lovely expression, that has to promote some modelled practices related to its specific loveliness through an app.