Viewer is an app for expressing your view about ranks

Rank triads in podiums, for later contrasting your views with default views and views from other people.



Choose one word that for you is the better as a Parent Container of all other words
1. Which one?
Best Title
Yinish perspective
Best Title
Tao (Whole) o Yanish (World) perspective


Choose a favourite order for how you think the Mental process work
1. Which of these orders sounds better for you?
Love, wisdom, joy
Joy, wisdom, love
Love, joy, wisdom
Joy, love, wisdom
Wisdom, joy, love
Wisdom, love, joy



Choose a default order for the rational process
1. How does rationality works?
Social, local, personal
Local, social, personal
Personal, social, local
Social, personal, local
Personal, local, social
Local, personal, social
And or choose any of all the other posible combinations also
1. You can choose any of the possible dual constants or lone words if you prefer too
Personal locality
Local personality
Local society
Social locality
Social personality
Personal society
2. And or by individual words too...
Extended Rationals
Normal tactics
Extended Rationals
Inverse tactics



How do you rank offering?
1. Which is the more lovely order?
Exchange, gift, lend
Lend, exchange, gift
Gift, exchange, lend
Gift, lend, exchange
Exchange, lend, gift
Lend, gift, exchange






More triads (See a manual full view)



Results pages could serve for

*Gather ideas about models:


*Apps launchers:





* Free analysis of choice:


Once you end the basic test, you could see you basic life view and have an analised comparison with the default view. Since all views are equally true, this comparison should bring you some more insight about the perspective of your view. Your own view (which probably doesn’t match with the offered default) is just a tactical view which is perfectly possible and not less accurate than the default one (See more: Axiologies).

The collective results from all views would be the truest life view, while results within a group could also be interpreted as their (own tactical) collective life view. View’s data is also good for recomming contents and relations.


Viewer app is part of a semantics pack of apps, that altogether can reach very easily the depths of reasoning, see it here.



Here in this test there is a clear order that we most will agree to if we dare to think it calmly for a bit. This means there are sets of words which their ranks get to a stable point. This doesn’t deny their relativity, this just confirms fine-tunning. However, within the simplicity how fine-tunnings, to any of such consensual orders, we have to see first as main complentary, its retrograde perspective.

The economical process...
1. How is it flowing?
Extraction, Offer, Manufacture
Manufacture, Offer, Extraction
Extraction, Manufacture, Offer
Offer, Extraction, Manufacture
Manufacture, Extraction, Offer
Offer, Manufacture, Extraction
Retrograde phenotyping

The natural orders (used as default contrastors for other views) and their retrogradity are further explained, in the axiology page.

As more words you order in a estructure with an automated process, the more you can view your whole view. and how to get to another vibration from some vibrations i.e. how to get to «feel» when you are in a «worry».

If we can identify some recurrent twist in anyone’s life view (i.e. he is putting 3rds as seconds against the default view, etc) we can also adapt-customize the language to the person, i.e. suggesting them further 3rds as seconds for:

  1. Reinforcement
  2. Equilibrating temptation: Trying to cause in him a equilibrating need by increasing such disruptance or overflow.

Why a Life view?

Why this life view?