Language of Love

Language of Love

Merge an opposed and a complementary and define the composed concept altogether

How much can we explain Words? Any word needs another one for being better defined (having its meaning through the proposed relation). Complemented dual constants is the deepest we can get into true love with words. I.e.

Tell an opposite adjective and a complementary noun for the concept (noun) that you have already said. I.e.

Solid (<–complement) Beauty with Roughness (<– opposite)

And then add content to it as yet another noun of Souls.




Language of love and Science

Since science should be (also..) be looking for being able to explain language and love, or otherwise would be still quite meaningless for any person, so why not scope the ultimate scientific research directly with «The language of love» term which is a better scoped term than the «Theory of Everything» one? (This resolves partially enough Hilbert 6th problem of «axiomatization of physics»).

The Language of Love is probably the more valuable research field for achieving closer such approachs to universal truths. It aproaches them through the simplest bipolar fuzzy logic.

Any word, either more positive or negative can be endlesly defined, but finding deeper meaning in words is yet another way of looking for more Love through better Truths. This True Love is easily achieved when it integrates in it its complements and shades, everytime better refined.

The flove theory book is made in this way already. Its chapters titles are all Dual Constants manually proposed,  refined and aggregated on the fly by its author. The LoL app will just help crowdsourcing books like that one.