Why not Love as a primer source ?

This whole can only be primarily lovely. Anything couldn’t be experienceable otherwise. «Primarily» doesn’t mean «only» nor «mostly» but it definetely challenges us to search for Love as the root for whatever event we have seen and will see.

Why and how can we be so sure about Love being so primer?

Uncertainity is needed for systemic stability and dynamism. This leads us to see Reality-Truth as varied, as «perspectives». These variation dynamics get complexer while they also get simplified by being rooted in minimal sets of 2 equivalent elements, either ats its more fundamental sources andor ultimate outputs. «Love» can be 1 of these two fundamental poles – perspectives, so even if you don’t want to see the core of any event as completely lovely, this project invites you to browse, focus and develop the 50% of loveliness there is in anything, the more or less viewable or microscopic.

Why saying «Love» when wanting to mean «Good»?

Love is the word that can relate to the more other words and such relations to be the wider and more intense. There might have been other more paradigmatic fundamental words in the past that were matching the needs for expressing intensity then. Also, surely, we could now see how those other intense paradigms of past times were already pointing to what we understand today as Love.

Love is so greatly used and liked because it relates to more experienced events than the word Good or Benevolent. It gives us a bigger flexibility for being broader and more creative (at making relations…).

Why to (morally) care about anything? If God(ess) exist morals are useless, if it doesn’t we can be careless, right?

Dare to pole the broadest Benevolence possible (i.e. a benevolent teleological hipothesis, that can be sinonimized with the known «Fine» tunning one) with the more concrete Good – Love there is in the intention underlying some of our actual and projected key actions. Our creative lovely acts are what best may proof God(ess) initial intentions for creating all this. This very broad and direct poling still being possible deserves our further honouring to it.

The possibility of fine tunning is not falsified and since we all like to love and be more practically well loved, it doesn’t look that it’s going to be falisified anywhen soon. By being more lovely, we flow in the best possible energy. Being lovely is easy for short and mid terms, but we need to make constant efforts of being lovely in many different scopes of life, which is not that easy because we can’t focus in them all all the time… . This project intends to make a more integral love more easily experienced.

Why Flove as a brand ?

There could be any other word or domain representing these values and intended development. Flove word is either useful for pointing to our lovely experiences that we are having in our daily life and at the same time it’s a closer word to refer to the monopole tension, primer monad, pan(en)theistic aether, singular void, the ultimate intentional source of the primer creation (where everything scales from) or however else you want to call the whatever that pumps and gets all relations stable, connected and dynamic from the common ground up to where we are now.

So is the webmaster of who is going to tell What is Love and the How to flow love more ? is the life long project of Marc, a place where he feels comfortable to dump all his efforts in, in either poles of deepening and simplifying specifications for many different fields, as they come in to him. You can help him developing it, get ideas for your similar project andor ignore him and keep going.

Some highligths of his proposal are:

1. Better models for better relations

2. Define andor prescribe anything with Lovely as adjective of it

3. Better rewards are hotter suggestions…

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