All easy loves


Despite the inmense and abundant loveliness present in nature, we also feel scarcity in our human lifes. This scarcity feeling is profoundly tied to being aware of our natural limitations.

1) We are only going to be alive for a while, and after such while, our body will die (our soul lifetime is scarce).
2) We have inmense potentialities in our molecular complexity, our DNAs have all the necessary information to develop whichever higher sensorial capabilities we see in other animals, but we can’t get to know how to use them (our body lifespace is scarce).

So there is a pleasant abundance of time and space in nature, but we have to live it under a scarce time and space perspective too. These 2 realities are happening simultaneously,  and they are also probably reciprocal. This means it would be imposible for one of them existing, without the other being existant too. There won’t be scarcity if there was not the abundance basis for it to be able to be. So the question we are trying to reply more adequately than ever here is: What would be the best scarcity we would like to experience in a abundant framework?

All frameworks, whether is a Theory of Everything or whether it is an binary API, bet for a universalization of some adequate mechanics to achieve some planned targets. So we should be able to identify the most lovely and limited targets that some reducted mechanics should be able to automate, and in the most beautiful posible way as nature does to us when it reveals us part of its inmense (absolute unknowable) complexities through functional simplicities.

In the minimum operative system necessary for a decent lovely life is where we could better to locate the scarcity feeling in our limited lifetime. So here you have the myflove app initial spec, enjoy.

Flove is asking us for letting it be through our actions